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On the Point

Jim Ziegler brings you the fearless commentary, actionable insights, and accurate forecasts you need to compete as a dealership owner, GM, or manager.

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Who Killed Cadillac?

Was Cadillac’s killer a lone gunman or part of a conspiracy?

Ziegler believes the decline of General Motors’ luxury division could have been prevented and might not be inescapable. But bringing Cadillac back from the dead would require a complete overhaul — and not just for the cars.

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Never Argue With Stupid People

How is Carvana drawing investors with a losing proposition? The Alpha Dawg blames short sellers...

Ziegler sees no point in debating Wall Street analysts and investors who continue to pour money into Carvana despite the company’s unsustainable business model and the federal crimes committed by two of its biggest players.

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Robbery in Progress. Somebody Call the Police!

Ziegler blames the ongoing theft of your customers’ personal, private information by nefarious...

Ziegler sounds the alarm over factory co-op programs that overpromise and underdeliver, limit dealer choice and vendor competition, and create the risk of a massive theft of valuable — and supposedly private — customer data.

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How Can Geeks Be This Bad at Math?

Ziegler believes simple math is the solution to most manufacturers’ self-imposed problems.

Ziegler takes aim at subscription programs and wonders how corruption in Nissan’s management ranks — from unreported income to multimillion-dollar cash incentives — could stay hidden in plain sight for so long.

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Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Photo courtesy Paramount Pictures

The Alpha Dawg charts the brief rise and long fall of Johan de Nysschen, the recently departed president of Cadillac and author of the business plan that effectively crowned Lincoln as the new king of American luxury.

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All Things Must Pass

Photo by Jonathan Bayer

Ziegler mourns the loss of Gregg Allman as Ford and Hyundai shake up their leadership teams and Carvana struggles to stay afloat.

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Join the Battle of Jericho

Join the Battle of Jericho

Ziegler has harsh words for the so-called geniuses behind escalating factory incentives, political support for autonomous vehicles, AutoNation's 'millennial-friendly' pay plan, and the Carvana IPO.

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Don't Run, We Are Your Friends!

Photo courtesy Warner Bros.

Ziegler remains defiant as alien invaders from distant planets abduct car buyers from the new-car market, aim their ray guns at dealer profitability, and strip your operation of its natural resources.