How To Get Organized To Sell

Have you ever noticed what the opposite of organized is? Disorganized? Have you ever lost a customer’s phone number? Maybe you wrote it on the back of a business card. Then, you lost the card. Ouch, that hurt didn’t it? Or you missed an appointment, you thought you said 3 p.m. on Thursday, and it was 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Ouch. Have you ever noticed that when we show up to work without a plan that the days labors on forever. Time goes by slowly doesn’t it? It seems that there are 90 minutes in an hour doesn’t it. The day goes on forever and ever doesn’t it? You show up without your plan and end up ordering breakfast; now its time to break because you’re full. So time goes by even slower.
Lunch comes around, so we buy and get the new guy to fly, don’t we? Now we are full, so we have to break. Maybe an up shows up; now we are too tired and have lost our enthusiasm, so we get the new guy to take it. Now its time for dinner. Hello, are you getting the picture? We’ve let the day get away from us. Look at the top pro’s in this business who are selling 20 to 25 a month. Do they have time to kill? Aren’t they always working their way towards a sale? You can’t kill time, because if you do, you should be arrested for murder. What happens to your attitude when you are killing time? Does it go up or down? Down, and so do your sales numbers. If you plan your work, you can work your plan. It’s too bad that in this business, you can just show up, breathe on someone and sell 8-10 a month. According to industry statistics, selling 10 a month is average, and I know the numbers are lower in high lines. However, if you are selling below 10, then what is that called? Below average – ouch. OK, let’s get going and I will share some tips to help you sell more cars, so that you can have a ton more fun.
  1. Finish your day before you start it. Write down your plan in your planner today on what you are going to do tomorrow. That way, when you show up tomorrow, you will know exactly what to do to sell a car.
  2. Set two appointments for the day. The closing ratio of an appt is 50 percent. Do the math; 25 days of work at two appointments for the day = 50 appointments. With a closing ratio of 50 percent, that equals is 25 sales. If you don’t like the number, just cut it back a bit. Become a phone ninja, call, call, call, call and call. The key is to have your calls planned out in advance, and know what time you are going to sit down and call. You can’t chase ups and call at the same time.
  3. Make 10 calls a day. 25 days x 10 calls = 250 calls/month. Space your calls out.
  4. Walk your lot so that you know what your inventory is. What if a customer calls and asks if you have a particular model in stock? Is, “I don’t know,” your answer? Duh, you’re a professional; not an amateur.
  5. Track your activities so that you know how many people you need to talk to each day. Track your presentations, demos and write ups. If you know exactly where you are with your numbers, then you can accurately write out a success plan. Write down your activities in our easy to use Success Monthly Planner.

Ok let’s look at having a day like this: You’re organized, and you have finished your day before you start it. Imagine coming to work tomorrow with two confirmed appointments for the day. What will your attitude be like when you get to work; up or down? You have it written in your planner that the first appointment is going to show up at 10:00am. Are you pumped up, or what? Don’t you keep looking at your planner anyway? You’re focused like a laser beam, aren’t you? They come in, and you sell them? Huge gross goes here. Pumped up aren’t you? The next appt is at 1 p.m., but in between, your boss notices there is a customer on the lot? Why would they ask you to go out there and talk to them? When is the best time to sell a car? Isn’t it right after you’ve just sold one? You go out and you sell them; you are in the zone aren’t you? Focused like a laser beam. Your next appointment comes in, and you sell them. That’s called the hat trick in hockey. Three sales in one day – Cha–ching. Go ahead and say this out loud – Cha–ching. Focus today on planning for success for tomorrow. If you don’t have your day planned out, then your day will plan you. Shape your day; shape your success. Shape your day; shape your income. Too easy isn’t it? It works, just give it shot for a week and see what happens. Now go and do it!

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