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12 Reasons Why Customers Should Buy From You

Why would a customer buy from your dealership? What do you offer that your competition doesn’t? What are your salespeople saying to your customers to get them to buy? Do you even know? Lastly, do you even know what the new associates are saying to your hard fought customers?
Let’s talk about your Unique Selling Position (USP). You must have one today with so much competition out there. Plus you have to make sure that your salespeople are able to communicate it effectively to your customers. For some reason, the UP bus, repeat bus and referral bus have stopped their daily visits to your dealership. I think they are all broke down on the highway. 

Let me tell you this, if you don’t separate yourself from your competition, they will eat you alive and soon you will wake up to say this: “Remember when we used to…”  Too late!  Think about your customers who are so overloaded with information that they couldn’t see a deal if it was in front of them. Customer confusion is at an all time high. Basically, it seems like selling (for the most part) has to come down to the salesperson. However, if your salesperson can’t explain your USP, doesn’t your customer just object and your poor salesperson can’t recover?

Most dealerships are missing the boat on this one. It seems to me that most dealerships say or do the same thing over and over. You hear things like this: 

  • “We have been in business for over 20 years.”  - So what?
  • “We have over 100 cars in stock.” - Where are they?
  • “We want to earn your business …” - Yawn.
  • “We are having an anniversary sale …” - Who cares?
  • “We have hot dogs and Bozo the clown here …” - I hope your clown can close.

Most dealerships have no excitement, no passion, no reason why customers would want to buy at their place. Why not use a list?  We have used these in several dealerships to help them break away from their competition. You must plant something different in your customer’s mind. You can then use these same reasons on your Web site, radio and TV along with creating posters in your dealership and a small desk top flip chart presentation that every salesperson could use to convince their customers to do business at your dealership.

12 Reasons Why Customers Should Buy from You.

  • We have helped over 20,000 (this number may vary) customers just like you.
  • We will help you re-establish your credit.
  • We will help you improve your credit score.
  • We will prove to you that you can afford the payment.
  • All of cars are hand selected.
  • We have an easy, no-hassle buying atmosphere.
  • Our cars are backed with a rock solid guarantee.
  • We offer service after the sale by the best technicians in the industry.
  • We will help you rebuild your credit which will lead to a better life.
  • We will save you money since we work with over 25 different finance sources.
  • It doesn’t matter to us if you are a first time buyer or someone with challenged credit needs; we can help you find the car and financing you need today.
  • Earn real cash by referring your friends to us.

What if you revise, improve and customize these reasons to your dealership and then make them your ad campaign this year? Would you sell more cars? Yes.  Think about what you are going to offer your customer that your competition isn’t going to offer. Are you really going to take action with this, or are you going to just keep doing what you’ve been doing? It’s time to just do it!

Vol 4, Issue 2



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