Every person in the car industry, at one time or another, has had the need to transport a vehicle from point A to point B. The scary fact facing many dealers is that they have absolutely no idea if their so-called reputable transport provider is operating legally with an active operating authority and with adequate insurance covering the transported load. With a national network consisting of 5000 individual vehicle carriers, and many dealers using a mix of these different providers, it’s next to impossible for a dealer to fully understand this crucial piece that is vital to the safety and well-being of each vehicle shipped.

The worst case scenario is all too familiar within the industry:  a vehicle is damaged during the transport process, or worse yet the transporter is involved in an accident and proper protocol wasn’t followed, turning a bad situation into an extremely painful one for the dealer.

Very few transport companies give customers this peace of mind before the transport process starts, unless the customer specifically asks. When is the last time you asked your transport company this critical piece of information? When selecting your transport provider, remember to ask these crucial questions. Ask specifically how much damage coverage the carrier has, and if they can provide proof that both their insurance coverage and operating authority are active and sufficient for the requirements of the load being shipped.

No matter who your transport company is, make sure to take the time and do your homework. Remember, times are tough for the transport industry as well, and insurance is a huge cost. Not renewing insurance is a dangerous roll of the dice, but a chance some companies are willing to take to make ends meet. Checking these critical items is critical to safe shipping.
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