I've never been one of those people who has a detailed career and life plan. So, no, I don’t have the next five, 10 and even 20 years planned out. Heck, I had no idea I’d be working in the auto industry when I graduated from college. Like most people, it just happened through a series of events.

My entry point was a blind ad to which I responded. The dealer was looking to hire a controller. I interviewed, took a crazy test and left knowing a more experienced and qualified can- didate would get the gig. I didn’t stand a chance, I thought. So, you can imagine my surprise when Greg Goebel called to offer me the job. I spent several years learning the auto space from the inside out thanks to him. I’m sure I absolutely made him crazy, questioning everything we did. Sometimes I asked those questions to make sure I understood. Sometimes I just wanted to make surehewasn’tcrazy.

After he sold the dealerships and decided publishing was the next logical business for him, I questioned his sanity again, primarily because I felt so underqualified for the job he wanted done. The good news is that although I might have been highly underqualified at that time to be the editor of Auto Dealer Monthly magazine, I was willing to learn anything and everything to do the job.

Nine years later I am a very different person professionally. I had to give up some of my fiercely guarded privacy. I had to let more than 30,000 auto dealership owners and employees into my life. In exchange, I received a bunch of new great friends and an education that couldn’t be bought.

Now it’s time for yet another change. As many of you probably already know, Auto Dealer Monthly magazine (along with the website and Special Finance Insider) has been sold to Bobit Business Media. The surviving company owned by Greg has been renamed Used Car University LLC. It will continue to focus on dealer educa- tion and training. You can read Greg’s Parting Thoughts for his perspective on the decision to sell. Now, for any of you who don’t know who Bobit Business Media is, the company publishes, among other titles, F&I and Showroom magazine. We’ve also partnered with Bobit on the Industry Summit for the last two years, and we intend to continue that relationship for the next three years. I can tell you from two years of working with the Bobit team that they are an outstand- ing bunch of people. They have the extensive publishing experience that Auto Dealer Monthly needsatthistime. I’mexcitedforthemandex- cited about seeing them grow the magazine and its associated websites and newsletters.

As for me, I’m about to start a new chapter of my life. I will still be working in the auto industry, although my role will be different. So, expect to hear from me again. As for Greg Goebel, the man who cajoled me into the editor role, I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me. It has been an experience like none other.

Auf Wiedersehen

Harlene Doane


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