Photo: Procsilas Moscas

Photo: Procsilas Moscas

Do you need a good gift, and fast? There’s nothing like that mounting pressure to get a quality present to get you searching the ’Net for answers. Sure, picking the right gift is a chance to show how thoughtful you are, but it’s also a minefield to step through. Lucky for you, we’ve actually got your back.

If that special person you’re getting a gift for is an auto dealer, they already have some interests you can tap into. Whether they’re your boss, your parent, your husband, wife, cousin or friend, the following gifts will knock their socks off — we guarantee it!

1. Buy Them Some Track Time

Let’s face it, the auto dealer in your life probably got into the business at least in part because they have a real love of cars. And if they love cars, they probably also love driving them — fast. Well, instead of racking up license points out on the open road, you can buy them some time at a local racetrack.

It may be difficult to go back to selling four-door hatchbacks and minivans after they’ve made an imprint of themselves on the calf-leather seats of an Aston Martin G8 Vantage. But, they should be able to manage. In any case, it’s sure to be a nice reminder of why cars are so much more than just a job.

Photo: Efion

Photo: Efion

2. Take Their Coffee to the Next Level

It’s a hard truth, but it needs to be confronted: The coffee the auto dealer in your life is drinking at work is probably a step above the motor oil which stained the showroom floor last year. The dirty secret here is that it doesn’t have to be! So throw that Keurig out and check out some more serious coffee options.

Start with the beans — if you’re not already buying your own special variety, there are great coffee subscription services which can take all of the guesswork out of your next selection. Then, think about how you’re making the coffee itself. If your favorite dealer is a bit of a gearhead, they’d probably love a manual espresso machine. Finding the right pressure, water temperature and grind setting is a bit like fine-tuning an engine. It takes time and smarts to get the right performance.

3. Personalize Their Desk Space

In our hyperbusy, 21st-century world, it’s difficult to find the time to properly show loved ones how much you care. But one great way to remind them every day is by getting them something personal for their desk.

Whether it’s as silly as a hand-knit cheeseburger or as seriously heartfelt as a framed photo, the feeling the car dealer in your life will get from seeing that unique item on their desk is priceless. Since it’s there for them every day, it’s a small gift with a powerful effect.

Photo: Nathan Borro

Photo: Nathan Borro

4. Raise Their Smartphone From the Dead

Car dealers, like the rest of us, need to stay connected. And when they’re off doing test drives, walking the lot or just commuting, a dead smartphone can ruin their day. That’s where you come in. There are a ton of great external smartphone batteries on the market, ready to bring a smartphone back from the dead whenever they need it.

5. Make Sure Their Car Puts the Showroom to Shame

All car dealers know: there’s washing a car and there’s <i>washing</i> a car. Doing the job halfway is probably just not going to cut it for a true car lover. From water filters to hand scrubbers and waxes, why not step up and make sure they’ve got the best of the best? The nice thing here is that there’s a huge variety of products at almost every price point. So check out some of the more serious car sites and see what they have to say about how you should (and shouldn’t) wash a car.

6. Be Practical

Of course, if the car dealer in your life is more the practical type, you could always set them up with a great deal on a car dealer bond. Look for a low rate and a trusted agency that will work with your auto dealer every step of the way. It will be a gift that keeps on giving.

So whether you’re looking for a practical present or a gift to wow, there’s plenty here to satisfy even the car dealer who seems to have everything. Hope we helped you find the perfect gift!

What kinds of gifts have you gotten for your car dealer? We’d love to hear about your favorites in the comments.

Eric Halsey is an expert in the surety bonding, automotive and professional certification segments and a regular contributor to JW Surety Bonds. Contact him at [email protected].