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American Recovery Association And SKYWATCH GPS Announces Strategic Alliance

DALLAS, TX – The American Recovery Association, Inc. (ARA), the world’s largest association of professional finance adjusters and qualified recovery experts, and SKYWATCH GPS™, a provider of GPS-based vehicle security products, today announced the formation of a strategic alliance to mutually enhance industry presence.

The strategic alliance will allow both ARA and SKYWATCH GPS to provide their clients with superior service and expand business opportunities for each organization. This joint alliance will allow ARA to access an extensive client base with the opportunity to add almost 5,000 automotive dealers. ARA supports only quality and specially certified organizations to provide excellent service for their clients, and the organization encourages their members to use first-rate location services, such as SKYWATCH GPS.

“This agreement allows ARA members and SKYWATCH GPS to exchange professional services that are mutually beneficial to our ARA members and SKYWATCH clients,” said Les McCook, executive director of ARA. “The agreement will allow our members to have access to 5,000 automotive dealers to expand their clientele base.” 

ARA is a non-profit organization of professional finance adjusters and qualified recovery experts. ARA has more than 280 members that specialize in locating repossessed assets on behalf of lending institutions. 

SKYWATCH GPS provides global positioning devices and location services for automobiles through satellite technology. SKYWATCH offers key tools to assist customers in locating and controlling security features to unlock, track speed, and remotely start a car via satellite signals.



Used-Car Prices Fall 2.5% in November

Black Book reports prices for pre-owned compacts such as the Kia Forte fell by 3.3% in November,...

Black Book’s final depreciation report of 2018 finds prices for used cars and trucks decreased by 2.7% and 2.3%, respectively, with declines among compacts, minivans, and full-size utilities setting the pace.


Cox: Dealer Pessimism Grows With New Threats

Cox: Dealer Pessimism Grows With New Threats

Cox Automotive’s latest Dealer Sentiment Index finds a ‘notable negative turn’ among U.S. dealers, the majority of whom took a dim view of the fourth-quarter market and their 2019 prospects.

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Number of EVs to Double by 2021

U.S. electric-vehicle sales forecasted by the Edison Electric Institute would require the...

The number of electric vehicles on U.S. roads will double in the next three years, according to a new report from the Edison Electric Institute.


AutoSource Names Brad Walsh CEO

Bradley J. Walsh has been hired as the new CEO of AutoSource, succeeding founder Luke Kjar as chief executive of the Utah-based branded title dealer group.


Used Cars Add to Hot Streak

Subcompact cars such as the Honda Fit enjoyed a 0.6% increase in average retained values in...

Black Book’s November Used Vehicle Retention Index finds value and demand have pushed pre-owned prices skyward for the seventh month in a row.


Waymo Rolls Out Self-Driving Taxis

Self-driving, revenue-generating taxis have officially hit the streets of Chandler, Ariz., and...

Waymo has set a new standard for driverless-vehicle proponents and ride-hailing providers by launching Waymo One, a revenue-generating autonomous transportation service.