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2008 Dealers’ Choice Award Winners Announced by Auto Dealer Monthly

Sarasota, FL - (March 27, 2008) – The 2008 Dealers’ Choice Award Winners have been announced in the April issue of Auto Dealer Monthly. This is the fourth year of the awards which recognize the industry’s top product and service providers as well as finance companies. Dealers and their personnel are asked to rate providers of products and services based on the quality of the product or service, the customer service and support and the overall value for the dollars spent.

This year there were more than 25,000 votes cast in 20 categories. To be ranked in the finals, all nominees had to pass two separate tests. First, they had to be named on at least 10 percent of the ballots within that category. This prevented “write-in” companies from receiving an insignificant handful of votes and displacing companies receiving thousands of votes. Second, the nominees must have been at or above the average for all votes within that category.

Each year, the top winner earns the Diamond Award, followed by the Platinum Award winner and finally the Gold Award winner. For the sake of reporting final numbers, all scores are rounded to one decimal; however, for final placement determination, raw scores are carried out several decimal places. This is why two companies may have the same score in the final announcements, but be placed differently. To be tied; they must truly have the exact same score.

“Every company that makes the list deserves praise for a job well done,” said Harlene Doane, editor of Auto Dealer Monthly. “It’s no small task to continually deliver a product or service that pleases the dealer community and has the outstanding service and support to go with it.”  For the complete list of the winners go to The complete rules, summary and overview of the winners can be found in the April issue of Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine.

About Auto Dealer Monthly (
Auto Dealer Monthly is the day-to-day resource for automotive dealerships of all sizes. It is known for offering business solutions to dealers by providing information necessary to make wise decisions regarding products, services or process changes in daily operations. The educational and informative foundation is built on the understanding that no single product, service or process is ideal for every franchise or independent dealership. Auto Dealer Monthly provides timely features that matter to today’s automotive executives, along with a wide variety of expert viewpoints and dealer success stories. 



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