Now Cellular Data will Approximate Zoombak’s Location when it is out of GPS Range


New York, NY -- Zoombak® ( the leader in personal GPS tracking devices that let people track the things that are most important to them – from children to teenage drivers to employees and automobiles – today announced the coming launch of Locate AssistTM  - a feature that greatly improves device tracking, for its Zoombak GPS Recovery Finance Track Buy Here, Pay Here product.  Now, when a Zoombak device is not able to lock onto a High Accuracy GPS signal, the device will still send users its location using cell tower data instead of GPS satellite data.

“If you rely exclusively on GPS data to locate skippers, “inability to locate” rates can be higher than expected when there is no clear view of the sky, indoors, in parking garages or among high rise buildings.  Most tracking devices have no back up system for transmitting their location,” said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Zoombak, LLC. “Zoombak‘s GPS Recovery Finance Track product will be using cellular information as a secondary way to locate your device, improving locate success rates to 90% or higher. We expect Locate Assist to greatly improve Zoombak’s performance and thus the dealer’s experience with the service.”

In the absence of a GPS signal, Locate Assist generally shows users Zoombak’s location with three varying levels of accuracy: within a 150 yards, 0.75 mile or 1.5 mile radius depending on the number of available cellular towers in the area where the device is located.  All Zoombak devices will be upgraded with Locate Assist over-the-air next week.

About Zoombak:
Zoombak LLC, develops and markets advanced products and technologies that keep people connected to the people and things that really matter. Zoombak’s compact, assisted (A-GPS) locator system employs satellite-enabled GPS and a location network server to help keep track of your children, track teen and senior drivers, and find lost pets, among other purposes.  A U.S.-based company, Zoombak is a privately held subsidiary of Liberty Media, which owns a broad range of electronic retailing, media, communications and entertainment businesses. For more information call 877-223-0415 or see or