The Joe Verde Group recently launched Version 9 of its newly redesigned online sales training network for automotive dealerships,, adding new features and benefits to the most popular sales and management training program in the car business.

Joe Verde’s Training Network (JVTN®) now features a “Free Downloads” section, where users can download MP3 audio files from Joe’s series, “A Fast Start to Recovery & Growth,” along with complete E-Book versions of Joe’s books, including “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery And Growth In Today’s Market.”

To help JVTN® subscribers on Version 9, the company added a new search feature to locate training materials by keyword (“negotiate” or “price,” for example), which prompts a listing of all the training chapters on that topic. Additionally, when users come across a chapter they want to review, they can use the new “Favorites” button to save those chapters in the “My Favorites” folder. 

Along with these new features, Joe Verde has also unveiled a smart-phone version of, allowing subscribers with an iPhone or BlackBerry, for example, to access Joe’s online training and sales tracking software even when they’re ‘on the go.’ To access the new mobile JVTN® site, users need to type “” into their mobile phone browsers.

“In my workshops, books and newsletters I stress that continuous training is essential for dealerships,” said sales training author and expert Joe Verde. “Our new smart-phone version of JVTN® helps salespeople and managers track sales and train wherever they are – even when they’re out on the lot.”

The updated Version 9 of JVTN® also features exclusive content and information for both subscribers and guests. What remains the same, however, is that JVTN® subscribers still have 24/7 access to Joe Verde’s step-by-step, repeatable sales and management processes for dealers, managers and salespeople.

Visitors to can download Joe Verde’s MP3 files or his E-Books by clicking on “Free Downloads,” and then choosing either “Audio Files” or “E-Books.”

For more information on Version 9 of JVTN® call (800) 445-6217 or visit the Web today at
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Joe Verde is the author of “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery & Growth”, the most popular and most valuable book for every dealer and manager in the car business today. Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. just celebrated its 25th Anniversary as the number one training company in the automobile, RV and marine industries with corporate offices in Southern California. Our company focus is training sales, finance, service and sales management for dealerships and manufacturers to increase their sales volume and net profit. We are a global organization with clients in dozens of countries around the world and our client list of over 3,600 dealerships includes a broad group – literally from the largest dealerships in the world to the smallest.