Napa, CA – AUL Corp., America’s largest national provider of used car service contracts announces the launch of a new logo and corporate identity. The new logo and identity were unveiled at the 2012 AUL National Agency Meeting in Napa, CA where the company is headquartered. As noted by AUL’s Marketing Manager, Jacqueline Swank: “The response from our agents has been overwhelmingly positive. They are excited about the logo and sales materials and believe it is a terrific step forward for AUL.” In addition to new marketing materials released at the meeting, AUL will update all of its materials and website over the next several months. A national advertising campaign, including the new brand, will begin in June. This new identity better reflects who AUL has been and will continue to be in the future.

The new logo and identity were inspired by the human element and unique culture AUL has built over the last 22 years of business. The attributes of this new brand include friendliness, approachability, protection, and meaningful relationships.  The new AUL logo has a more approachable font, along with a new mark that includes three new colors that represent transparency and protection, important aspects of AUL. Founder and CEO Luis Nieves said: “AUL has always demonstrated the commitment to innovation and change since the introduction of the revolutionary “Any Year, Any Mileage®” program 22 years ago. We believe that the new branding better reflects our business approach and culture as we grow our business, yet we will always maintain the values and standards we set at the founding of AUL, to be the premier service contract administrator in America.”

Jimmy Atkinson, COO, explains, “This is about more than just new branding. It represents responsiveness to our agents and dealers in bringing them meaningful improvements to our products, processes and systems. In the last several months we have made significant enhancements to our website, produced a sales video for use at the point of sale and expanded our product offering to meet the needs of our customers.”

AUL worked closely with Project6 Design, Inc. (, an award winning graphic design firm based in Berkeley, CA, to develop the new branding.

About  AUL Corp.
AUL Corp. founded the national used car service contract industry in 1990, with its still famous “Any Year, Any Mileage®” Vehicle Service Contract. AUL continues leading its industry and is the only provider of its type authorized to conduct business in all 50 states, as well as some Caribbean locations. AUL enjoys a long relationship with its underwriters who hold an A.M. Best rating of "A" Excellent. AUL Corp. also enjoys the longest-term relationships in the industry with its agent and dealer clients, verified by independent third party research. AUL's mission is to be the premier service contract administrator in America, by any quantifiable measurement of business activity. To find out more, please visit