Fort Lauderdale, FL – AutoUSA Internet Sales Solutions ( today announced a milestone for the company; based on the total number of leads that AutoUSA has delivered from independent auto shopping web sites and the average closing percentage collected from AutoNation, AutoUSA’s Internet leads have contributed to the sale of an estimated 1.3 million vehicle sales since the year 2000.

“The demand for our leads has stayed pretty consistent over the years, mirroring the market but demonstrating that independent leads continue to offer proven results and add revenue to the bottom line,” said Phil DuPree, President of AutoUSA.

In a survey that AutoUSA recently conducted of more than 180 dealership Internet marketing personnel, 89% of respondents indicated that their dealership purchases Internet leads from at least one independent (third-party) provider; and 31% of respondents reported that more than 30% of their total Internet leads come from independent (third-party) providers.

AutoNation’s dealerships have been using leads delivered by AutoUSA since before the auto retailer purchased the company in May 2000. “The value in independent leads lies with the fact that you can capture customers who visit independent sites for research, and who might otherwise not find your dealership,” said Mark Taylor, Director of Business Development at AutoNation. “Our company is very focused on results-oriented marketing with measurable results, and AutoUSA’s leads have always delivered proven ROI.”

In addition to an improving economy, DuPree observes that more dealers are investing increased time and budgets into online marketing, staff training and process improvements. “The investment is paying off as Internet sales metrics continue to improve,” said DuPree. “More dealerships are embracing new technologies that help to increase their show and close rates, and drive more traffic to their web and social media sites.”

About AutoUSA Internet Sales Solutions
AutoUSA Internet Sales Solutions brings the best-in-class tools to increase Internet sales and lower costs for automotive dealerships. Leading products include Leads&ListingsSM, providing the highest quality, new and used car email and phone leads from 100+ sites; ShowProSM incentive program, proven to turn more leads into shows; PowerListingsSM 2.0, helping dealers increase traffic to—and leads from—their social media sites; and AVA Virtual Sales Assistant, helping dealerships manage more leads at a reduced cost. AutoUSA products are currently benefiting thousands of active dealers all across the U.S.

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