Unique Query Power Produces the Hottest Leads

CHARLOTTE, NC – Erhard Automotive Group is using a cloud-based CRM system from AEROS by AULtec, Inc. to streamline its sales processes and aggressively pursue sales opportunities.

For its BMW dealership in Farmington Hills, MI, this CRM use has helped to double pre-owned vehicle sales.

Erhard Automotive Group operates BMW and Land Rover dealerships in suburban Detroit. For Jeff Johnson, pre-owned sales manager at the group’s Farmington Hills BMW dealership, “AEROS’ consistent daily use has boosted monthly unit sales from 20 to 50,” he says.

“We use this CRM very hard and very comprehensively to work deals, bring back unsolds, query the database to identify sales opportunities and to increase and improve communications to customers,” says Johnson.

“AEROS is a great tool to keep sales associates busy producing their next sales,” he adds.

Because AEROS is so robust and fully featured, it enables Johnson and other Erhard managers to track sales associate performance and monitor their individual compliance to CRM use and best practices.

By watching this performance from his AEROS dashboard, Johnson knows which associates, whom BMW calls client advisors, are consistently capturing customer data and using the tool to follow up and prospect.

“The insight it gives me into my advisors’ performance helps me identify the kind of coaching about the Road to the Sale they might need in order to be more successful,” Johnson notes.

Being an entirely web-based CRM, AEROS is always available in the Cloud to all authorized dealership employees.  Managers like Johnson and group marketer Leslie Rhodes use the CRM to build work plans. These plans, Johnson says, help keep staff aware of the underlying need to drive vehicle sales and service dollars.

Certified by 18 OEMs, AEROS features tools like Appointment Control and Campaign Management, designed to help management visualize results and influence sales. The CRM’s unique Crawl, Walk, Run™ modularity makes it easy for any dealer to implement only what is right for them now and then upgrade when the time is right, and the team is ready to go.

Rhodes says AEROS helps streamline corporate-wide Internet and showroom sales processes, maintain customer database integrity and drive more profitability from traditional and social marketing expenditures.

She particularly likes the search query templates built into the system. These templates make setting up different search parameters simple. Customizing template queries is then a matter of adding a few additional search options.

“Templates make it so easy to set up our processes and tweak them on the fly, to be more or less aggressive in our marketing as needs dictate,” Rhodes notes.

“We also set up a wide variety of call-back parameters for client advisors so the system automatically prompts the correct advisor to follow up with particular customers or take specific actions on given days and at given times of the day,” she explains.

“Certainly that’s a key function any CRM should deliver – helping us remember everything we need to do day by day, so nothing gets overlooked to serve our customers and generate a profit,” Rhodes says. “AEROs is very flexible so it makes it very easy for me to write the kind of search queries I want to deliver the results we need to achieve.”

Likewise, the dealership’s client advisors find it simple – and profitable—to use with every up. “My staff works and lives in this AEROS system,” Johnson says. “They rely on it to produce their next sale.”

For more information, contact Christian Thornton at [email protected] or 866-949-9754.

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