WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Gubagoo Inc. launched Inventory Control, a technology that provides a live feed of dealership vehicle inventory relevant to consumer interests directly into website chat.

Inventory Control looks to decrease chat response times and puts vehicle information (including pictures, trim level and equipment) at the customer’s fingertips during chat. In addition, Inventory Control’s reporting tool allows dealers to access real time data on the vehicles that are generating the most interest with consumers.

“Today’s online shoppers want information on demand and if they don’t get what they want… they will quickly go elsewhere, which is why we developed Inventory Control,” said Gubagoo CEO Brad Title. “We talked to multiple dealers who told us that the current process for informing consumers about available vehicles during chat was broken: chat operators were relying on inefficient searches on the dealership website, and offering links which sent the consumers right out of the chat window — and further away from conversion. Inventory Control solves this problem instantly with live and relevant inventory feeds of vehicles consumers are specifically interested in — all within the chat window.”

Title noted that most dealerships do not post all the vehicle details on their website, so chat products that rely on links on the site are not only losing control of customers because they have to send them out of chat, but they are also missing the depth of information that consumers expect and demand.