WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — CallSource Automotive, provider of call management, marketing analysis and sales improvement services, today announced it has partnered with IHS Automotive to add vehicle purchase insight to its patented Sales Profit Management (SPM) system. 

The addition of IHS Automotive information and insight allows CallSource to provide its automotive dealer customers with reporting and analytics to show how many sales prospects ultimately buy at the dealership they called and how many are ultimately lost to competing dealerships and alternative brands. This data will allow CallSource to better identify and pinpoint how to improve their client’s call management processes and will help them to track improvements in performance over time. 

“IHS Automotive purchase insight provides a key element in analyzing the results of our clients’ call management efforts,” said Andrew Price, president of CallSource Automotive. “Our patented SPM system provides a continuous loop of ongoing improvement for our dealers. The IHS Automotive insight is an important measurement of dealership performance that allows dealers to identify areas of profit leakage and improve their call management processes.”

The two organizations recently collaborated to measure the impact of CallSource’s DealSaver service.  When mishandled sales or service calls are identified, a text message alert is sent to the dealership so management can reengage the prospect. After a 90-day review of calls at nearly 500 dealerships, IHS Automotive found that more than 40 percent of customerswho purchased from the initial dealership they contacted came into the dealership following a DealSaver alert.

“Adding our analytics to CallSource’s SPM system provides some important metrics,” said Bob Sherman, director of sales and client services for IHS Automotive. “As in the case of the DealSaver analysis, we can validate that CallSource services are providing an immediate impact on a dealer’s bottom line. In addition, we can uncover important industry trends that help dealers monitor their individual call management performance against the rest of the industry.”