CHICAGO — Nearly three of four (73%) moms consider themselves to be the “sole decision-maker” in the vehicle shopping process, according to a study conducted by C+R Research and commissioned by 

As a growing number of consumers turn to online resources for information and transparency when making major purchases, women with children have emerged as a highly engaged group of shoppers.

The study found that 71% of moms agree that shopping online for a new or used vehicle makes the process much easier, but more than half (68%) still prefer to conduct negotiations in person. Women with children desire long-term relationships with dealers, as the research shows that the majority (59%) of respondents prefer to purchase multiple vehicles from the same lot.

“It’s important for dealers to remember that moms have done the same amount of research, if not more, than any other customer before stepping onto the lot,  and they’re confident in their ability to navigate the car-buying process,” said Jack Simmons, manager of dealer training at  “More than 60% of moms surveyed said they trust the information they find online more than what they’re told from dealers, which means dealers need to go above and beyond to prove their authenticity and value. The good news is that moms are very loyal customers, and a great first impression can make a fan for life.”

Although more than half (56%) of moms describe their overall feelings about auto dealerships as positive or somewhat positive, the majority (75%) still feel dealers are pushy and aggressive.

The study surveyed more than 1,000 shoppers, including 367 moms who were planning to purchase a vehicle within the next six months or had done so within the previous six months.