GRAPEVINE, Texas — defi SOLUTIONS, the developer of a cloud-based loan origination system (LOS), announced that it has integrated Carleton SmartCalcs into its platform. 

defi SOLUTIONS customers will be able to access Carleton’s 40-plus years of compliance expertise to assure federal and state lending interest, fees and the annual percentage rate maximums are not exceeded. From within the defi system, SmartCalcs automatically validates the loan disclosure items against state usury laws and federal TIL assuring clients compliance. Carleton will also keep defi clients up to date with all regulatory compliance requirements on an ongoing basis.

“defi SOLUTIONS shares our same objective of providing customers with a comprehensive set of validation tools that allow them to focus on their business and customer relationships instead of managing the complex federal and state compliance requirements,” said Pat Ruszkowski, president and CEO of Carleton.

With defi SOLUTIONS, clients have the ability to coordinate the lending process from end-to-end (the online application to decision to verification and then to underwriting). defi’s program increases efficiency by minimizing manual processes. defi SOLUTIONS created its LOS to meet the complex requirements of large institutions, but officials note that it is also quick to deploy, is scalable and affordable for the general auto financing industry.

"Integration with Carleton will give defi clients the ability to more easily comply with federal and state lending regulations from within their LOS," said Stephanie Alsbrooks, CEO of defi SOLUTIONS. "Our clients will also be able to validate against in-house defined underwriting lending requirements which further extends our goal of offering the most flexible and configurable LOS on the market."