URBANDALE, Iowa — Flick Fusion, a provider of video marketing, has introduced a tool that allows auto dealer personnel to update new and existing videos with dealership marketing messages in the form of banners and overlays.

With a few simple clicks, inventory and dealership videos on both the dealer's website and on the Internet can be updated with targeted promotions of choice, such as price reductions, incentives, cash back offers and more. With the tool, called Timeline Marketing, dealers gain maximum exposure for marketing messages by leveraging the power of video SEO and a large Internet distribution network, officials said.

"Timeline Marketing is the only technology that allows dealers to broadcast new promotions via their inventory and dealership videos on hundreds of websites, potentially resulting in thousands of views for every marketing message," said Brian Cox, president and CEO of Flick Fusion Video Marketing.

Timeline Marketing was a winner of the 2013 Driving Sales Innovation Cup, in conjunction with Flick Fusion's Live Video Upload feature. Timeline Marketing makes dealer’s listings on Cars.com and Autotrader.com stand out to increase conversion rates with dynamic video presentations, targeted calls to action and hyperlinks to the dealership website.

Timeline Marketing also allows personnel to quickly create banners and overlays for both new videos and existing videos on the Internet. When a dealer announces a new promotion, they simply login to the Flick Fusion video marketing platform, select the type of banner, type in the promotional message, then add the banner to a "timeline" along the video. It's easy to control where and how long the banner appears in the video, and to choose or change intros and outros that brand the dealership. More than one banner can be applied to the same video.

Once the banner is created, it can be applied to all existing videos, or to select videos only. Timeline Marketing offers a variety of filters based on vehicle year, make, model, price and more. Banners can also include hyperlinks, directing the viewer to any URL location desired.

When the user hits "send," Timeline Marketing automatically updates all specified videos on the Internet; including on the dealership web site, YouTube, third-party inventory sites and more.