BOSTON, Mass. — Used-car auction house Manheim is bringing its Mobile Auctions service to Canada. The auction service is currently available in 10 states in the U.S. 

Manheim Mobile Auctions provides an auctioneer and staff while the dealer supplies cars and the location. Through marketing, Manheim also brings buyers to the auction, including local independents, wholesalers and franchised dealers.

Manheim started mobile auctions 10 years ago and says that dealer demand for the service is rising.

“Dealers tell us that this type of sales channel lets independents and other local buyers gain efficient access to their used vehicles, while benefitting from the many services that our physical auctions offer,” said Bonnie Hensler, vice president of Manheim product development.

Mobile auctions also include a satellite link to enable remote participation in the auction, bringing in off-site and international buyers through simulcast.

To be a candidate for Manheim’s auction services a dealer must have a minimum of 100 vehicles for sale each month and a turnover of at least 10 to 12 times that amount per year.