CLEARWATER, Fla. — AutoLoop’s Engage is a call center solution designed to help dealers improved sales and service profitability. It provides call center agents that manage all sales and service calls for dealers. They can also conduct prospect surveys.

The service was previously known as Showroom Watchdog and was rebranded as Engage when AutoLoop purchased CAR-Research XRM taking ownership of the service. 

U.S.-based agents call customers to find out what worked for them and what didn’t, potentially re-engaging lost leads. They undergo training in AutoLoop’s Adept Agent program to focus on getting the best results for dealer clients, says AutoLoop.

“Data collected from the thousands of customers we have spoken with shows that dealerships often answer only one of six incoming sales and service calls properly,” said Keith Shetterly, vice president of AutoLoop Engage. “Capturing and engaging these missed opportunities is critical for dealerships to stay competitive and build customer loyalty.”

Engage agents will respond to internet leads, mine CRM’s for inactive leads and set sales and service appointments. They will make multiple follow-up attempts with unsold customers within a 24 hour time period before they’ve had time to move on to another dealer.

Agents will also ask customers about the sales process to determine where breakdowns occurred and what could be done differently. Often times, customers may have had a positive experience even though they didn’t reveal it to a salesperson, according to AutoLoop.

“Because we are a third-party service, customers are more comfortable opening up to us and our agents get to know the true voice of the customer,” said Shetterly. “We find out the real reasons why the customer didn’t buy.”

Customers will be asked which advertisements worked the best when they decided to make a visit, both online and off.

When customers have issues with sales or services, Engage agents will report it so they can be resolved, aiming at improving customer satisfaction and boosting OEM CSI scores. With the high levels of contact and customer service, AutoLoop believes Engage will improve sales and retention.

“Over time, our unmatched customer engagement results in improved processes, better customer retention and increased profitability,” said Shetterly.