ATLANTA — DealShield announced the launch of its Certified Buyer Program, a series of training modules designed to educate and inform buyers of the risks across the vehicle sourcing timeline and ways to mitigate those uncertainties.

“By participating in the Certified Buyer Program, buyers should gain better understanding of all the tools available to mitigate risk during purchase at auction,” said Brett Woods, senior director at DealShield. “These tools, including DealShield products, enable dealers to focus their time, money and energy on buying and retailing the best vehicles for their inventory.”

DealShield’s Certified Buyer Program comprises five modules designed around the phases of the Vehicle Sourcing Risk Landscape. The first four modules will take buyers through the various phases of sourcing, from research to retailing. They’ll also provide a review of the different risk mitigation opportunities, and will also objectively look at the pros and cons of each method so buyers get a full, unbiased understanding of risk mitigation.

The fifth module will provide advanced training on how DealShield products can be used to not only mitigate risk on individual vehicles, but also to manage inventory levels and positively impact the bottom line. Buyers who complete all five modules will receive a certificate of completion.

Buyers who also become DealShield 360º customers will earn Certified Buyer status, which offers benefits such as discounted rates, access to special products and services, a personal DealShield relationship manager and custom marketing materials. DealShield’s Purchase Protect and other guarantee products enable buyers to eliminate costly mistakes, protect against unknowns and gain greater peace of mind.

DealShield will hold introductory Certified Buyer Program seminars at Manheim auction locations throughout the U.S throughout the year. The first session is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 19, at the world’s largest auction facility, Manheim Pennsylvania.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with DealShield and hosting their first Certified Buyer Program seminar at our location,” said Julie Piccard, vice president and general manager at Manheim Pennsylvania. “The risk mitigation techniques taught through the program are invaluable for wholesale buyers who need to make quick, yet smart, sourcing decisions at auction.”