PHOENIX —, a leader in automotive bankruptcy marketing, has announced the release of significant improvements to its web-based marketing software.  After 18 months of development and programming, now has the ability to deliver BK leads to franchised dealers on a daily basis. Upgrades also include improvements to the company’s exclusive multi-step lead cleansing process.

“We are proud to announce the release of our Daily BK lead program appropriately named ‘Yesterday’s BKs Today,’” said Robert Davies,’s president. “If an individual filed or discharged a BK yesterday, our dealers can be marketing to them today. This new technology is a game changer for auto dealers that play in the competitive BK market.

“Old and inaccurate leads can kill even the best thought out BK marketing campaign. The number one priority at is to provide the freshest and cleanest BK Leads in the industry. The success of our dealers depends on it. Our exclusive multi-step cleansing process is now faster and more robust than ever before.” 

Early testing has shown an increase in response rates and overall higher gross profits.  And experts believe these advancements will influence the automotive sub-prime market. 

“We have worked closely with for the past few years and our dealer partners definitely experience success with their service,” said John Harton, senior vice president with Consumer Portfolio Services. “With the capability of marketing to BK leads less than 24 hours after filing or discharging, our dealer partners will undoubtedly increase their market share into what we call the ‘sweet spot’ of the sub-prime auto finance arena. 

“Competition is increasing,” Harton added. “We anticipate these improvements will give CPS and our dealer partners a leg up on capturing more of these deals.”