CARMEL, Ind.— ADESA, a business unit of KAR Auction Services Inc., announced that it has launched another series of enhancements to as part of its ongoing commitment to make vehicle buying and selling easier and more convenient for users.

“Our team is constantly evaluating our online offerings and communicating with our customers about their experience,” said ADESA President and CEO Stéphane St-Hilaire. “We utilize this feedback to continuously develop and implement creative solutions that streamline and enhance user experience and drive additional value for our customers.”

The site now features high-resolution vehicle images, allowing users to zoom, pan or enlarge — and even purchase —images from a Vehicle Details page. The ADESA Market Guide (AMG) has also gotten an upgrade to include results subgroups. AMG Weekly links allow easier access and greater visibility, and the National ADESA Wholesale Value for vehicles has been added to the search results and Vehicle Details pages.

Also, users can now join a live sale on LiveBlock directly from’s Run List search results, Vehicle Details and Watch List pages. LiveBlock start times are on vehicle entries and sale event times are listed on vehicle entries on the Run List, Search Results, Vehicle Details and Watch List pages.

The layouts of printable run lists have been improved with larger font sizes and enhanced bar codes for easier, more responsive scanning. And new search functions have been adding, including notifications for saved searches.