TIMONIUM, Md. — IT solution provider Helion Automotive Technologies has added two large dealer groups to its clientele list. The company now provides managed IT services for Kendall Lexus and Toyota and Braman Motors, both located in Miami.

Kendall Lexus and Toyota has two Toyota and two Lexus stores, as well as a body shop. The Kendall stores were looking to update outdated technology and further improve dealership efficiency and productivity. A Helion team of experts assessed the dealership’s current state of IT and established what was needed as far as security updates, wireless capabilities, how to cut costs, infrastructure and strategic planning, officials said.  A full plan has been drawn up and is now being implemented in the dealership group, with upgrades that include everything from new servers to new phone systems.

Braman Motors — which has 14 franchises and sells more than 36,000 units per year — has brought on Helion to upgrade servers and move up to the next level of new technologies to streamline operations and boost profitability.

“Technology today is changing almost on a daily basis, as are the current rules and regulations,” said Helion’s president, Erik Nachbahr. “It can therefore be a little overwhelming for dealerships to establish what needs to be done — that’s where Helion Technologies comes in. We take it off the dealership’s plate, solve all the headaches and make the entire process relatively painless.

“While there is a definite cost involved, today’s technologies are so much more efficient that dealers universally see tens of thousands of dollars in monthly savings," he added. "That is why we are growing so fast. Our clients make back their initial investment in a matter of months. In fact, one of our dealership clients has seen five-year savings of almost $3 million. And that doesn’t even take into account the extra profitability due to increased efficiency and productivity.”

Helion Automotive Technologies offers IT solutions ranging from fully managed services to IT assistance and service desk help. For more information on Helion, click here.