PHOENIX, Ariz. — Bankruptcy marketing company,, found that its Daily lead program significantly increased response rates for dealers marketing to bankurpt shoppers. conducted a six-month study comparing its Daily lead program to its Weekly program. The study consisted of more than 135,000 filed and discharged Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy records within 20 U.S. markets. It found that there was an average increase in response rate of 76% for dealers using the Daily leads program.

“When we came out with our Daily leads program back in February, we knew the unprecedented speed and accuracy had to increase response rates,” said Robert Davies, president at “However, even we were amazed to learn our Daily dealers are receiving nearly double the calls and walk-ins over our Weekly dealers.”

The study also showed consistent results for dealers in small, medium and large markets. They all experienced increases in sales when marketing to consumers who are either in bankruptcy or were recently discharged, the company claimed.

“It is exciting to see response rates and overall sales increase in all markets across the country,” said Davies.  “Whether your dealership is in a small market or the largest in the country, has a program to fit your BK Marketing needs.”