DETROIT — Ally Financial is now offering consumers auto financing products for vehicles purchased on Beepi, a technology company that allows consumers to purchase cars online or through their smartphones.

The move was driven by a shift in consumer shopping behaviors, with the finance source citing resulted from survey a survey Harris Poll conducted on behalf of the finance source. It showed that more than 27% of Americans would consider purchasing a car online, and that 47% of consumers believe that purchasing cars online will become mainstream in the future. Given this information, Ally added, it made sense to support Beepi’s marketplace.

“At Ally, we realize the way consumers are shopping for and purchasing vehicles is evolving and we’re able to leverage our inherent digital capabilities to support this shift,” said Tim Russi, president of auto finance at Ally. “As a leader in the industry, Ally is well-positioned to provide a range of financial products to auto consumers, whether they purchase a vehicle at a traditional auto dealership, or through an online marketplace like Beepi.”

The Harris Poll survey also found that 32% of respondents thought it would be useful to be able to apply for and secure financing. Now that Ally is offering its services through Beepi, qualified customers across the credit spectrum will be presented a finance option from Ally. Once accepted, the customer will finalize the transaction with Beepi and complete the purchase.  

“Beepi has never been business as usual,” said Beepi CEO Ale Resnik. “We’ve changed the ways cars are bought and sold. Now we’re changing the way cars are financed.”

Ally has also stated that it is exploring other opportunities to expand its relationship with Beepi.