LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Black Book has announced a distribution agreement with ProMax to help expand the footprint of its new Bullseye Prospecting turnkey platform for dealer marketing campaigns. As part of the agreement, ProMax will market Bullseye Prospecting to its network of auto dealers throughout the United States.

“ProMax had the opportunity to conduct an early trial of Bullseye Prospecting and the initial testing produced great results for those dealers involved,” said Shane Born, COO of Dealer Marketing Services Inc. “Bullseye Prospecting will change the way dealers plan and executive customer campaigns, with an eye toward efficiency and cost reduction.” 

In early tests, according to Black Book, Bullseye Prospecting helped dealers consolidate their marketing efforts while also lowering their cost per car sold overall. Powered by data from Black Book, the tool is designed to reduce and consolidate the many different touch points involved in the development and execution of a customer campaign.

Bullseye Prospecting leverages economies of scale for data coming from DMS, consumer, incentives, vehicle equity and valuation sources as well as partnerships with photo and printer vendors. By doing so, it circumvents working with several different vendors that add to the overall cost of production.

“In today’s automotive industry, dealers are looking for every opportunity to grow margin for their bottom line, especially as profits tighten on vehicle sales,” said Jared Kalfus, senior vice president of sales at Black Book. “Bullseye Prospecting helps drive costs out of their marketing campaigns, and ProMax will help distribute this important resource throughout the dealer community.”