PORTLAND, Ore. — Motor Vehicle Software Corporation today announced the launch of Vitu, an automated electronic registration and titling (ERT) platform that supports DMV transactions.

The platform is designed to enable vehicle-to-government transactions across the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, according to the company. Now that the platform has launched in Oregon, the company plans to take it to California, Virginia and Illinois by the end of the year.

"Vitu is a technological breakthrough that will propel Oregon toward a paperless ERT process," said John Brueggeman, Vitu division president. "We've worked closely with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles and the Oregon Auto Dealers Association over the last two years to develop new technologies which will elevate ERT to a new level of efficiency. With the opening of our Portland office, Oregon becomes the first state to benefit from Vitu's groundbreaking and tailored local solutions."

According to the company, Vitu will enable dealers to manage electronic registration and titling transactions across multiple locations on a single digital platform. The platform will offer 24/7 service to its dealer clients, training and registration support, according to the company. The platform will also ship license plates and registration information directly to drivers, the company adds.

"Vitu will simplify vehicle-to-government processes for Oregon dealers, ensuring greater compliance and registration and titling efficiency," said Greg Remensperger, EVP of the Oregon Auto Dealers Association. "Nothing is more important to our dealers than providing the best customer experience. Vitu is going to truly digitize registration and titling in Oregon."