DAYTON, Ohio — The Reynolds and Reynolds Company has released a comprehensive catalog of standardized, legally reviewed F&I documents for automobile dealers in the state of Kentucky titled "Reynolds LAW Kentucky F&I Library."

The Reynolds LAW Kentucky F&I Library was jointly developed by Reynolds Document Services and the Kentucky Automobile Dealers Association (KADA). The catalog offers both paper and electronic formats.

"We are pleased to announce the availability of the LAW Kentucky F&I Library and add Kentucky to the growing list of states that have adopted LAW F&I libraries," said Jerry Kirwan, senior vice president and general manager of Reynolds Document Services. "This library of standardized documents can help dealers better manage risk as well as prepare for the transition to electronic transactions.

According to the company, the multiple formats can help facilitate the conversion to laser-printed transactions or e-contracting. The company states that by using documents in the LAW F&I Library, dealers can streamline their F&I process and deliver a better customer experience for buyers and themselves.

"KADA is proud to be a part of this project with Reynolds Document Services. The LAW Kentucky F&I Library gives our dealer members the opportunity to improve day-to-day operations and customer service, and increase overall efficiency in their dealerships," said Gay F. Williams, president of KADA. "We appreciate the level of expertise and effort Reynolds has put forth in creating this valuable tool. The program will also continue to offer forms that are specific to Kentucky and to KADA."

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom