SALT LAKE CITY — Alpha Warranty Services Inc. announced this week the nationwide release of its Zoom sales portal.

“Zoom is a byproduct of the requests we received from our dealership partners,” said Jeremy Lindsey, Alpha Warranty’s COO. “We understand the need to offer a state-of-the-art F&I sales platform that allows our dealerships to involve the customer in the F&I purchase process.”

According to the company, Zoom allows F&I managers to start a contract from the main page and then gives them the ability to adjust rates and work with a customer’s financing options. It also allows the F&I manager to compare up to three different plans or programs they can then show the customer in a ‘Good, Better, Best’ format, the company added.

“Zoom quickly and effectively educates consumers on the available service contracts for their vehicle,” said Darin Ramos, vice president of Business Development. “This low-pressure visual approach combines the value of menu selling while giving the consumer the ability to compare products and guide themselves through the buying process, which resembles the online buying process they are accustomed to with ecommerce websites.”

Zoom also provides dealerships access to digital marketing materials, sample contracts, testimonial videos, and explainer videos. The sales portal also makes remittance and reporting efficient and customizable by allowing a dealer to pay a single remittance or multiple remittances at once with a credit card, the company stated.

“Zoom provides our agents and dealers with tools that will increase F&I revenue and make the selling process fast, easy and effective,” Ramos said.

The reporting tools for sales and claims have also been made easy to view and manage. Through Zoom, an F&I manager can dig into sales data and identify opportunities to improve sales training and find growth potential.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom