FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — RouteOne’s econtracting platform reached two new milestones of 7.5 million booked econtracts and more than $200 billion in funded deals, the technology firm announced.

According to the firm, the system now has more than 6,000 active dealers, 36 live and in-pilot finance sources, and 12 econtracting-integrated dealership management systems.

“RouteOne is very pleased to have accomplished these econtracting milestones in partnership with our owners and customers,” said RouteOne CEO Justin Oesterle. “We are committed to making the investments needed to support and lead the industry’s continued adoption of econtracting — it is becoming the standard for RouteOne users to the benefit of dealers, finance sources, and consumers.”

The tech company said econtracting plays an integral role in the industry’s push toward a digital retailing environment, providing faster funding and increased efficiencies between dealers and finance sources by automating critical checkpoints and validating data upon entry. This, RouteOne continued, results in reduced bounced or held contracts.

RouteOne’s econtracting platform provides consumers with secure electronic access to their econtracted documents, and dealers with direct integration to their aftermarket F&I product providers so products can be electronically rated and contracted as part of the process. The platform also offers mobile signing, allowing dealers to present contracts to customers and capture their signatures on a tablet device.

For finance sources, RouteOne’s econtracting solution provides complete electronics validation and processing as well as econtracting certification for loan originations systems.

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Originally posted on F&I and Showroom