BURLINGTON, VT – DealerPolicy announced that the Herb Chambers automotive groups has selected DealerPolicy as its auto insurance solution provider.

“We’re thrilled that The Herb Chambers Companies has chosen us to partner with, and to share our platform with their customers,” says Ryan Fitzgerald, vice president of business development at DealerPolicy. “Car buyers who use our Marketplace platform and go on to purchase insurance through DealerPolicy Insurance Agency see an average of $60 a month in savings on their insurance.”

A recent DealerPolicy study showed that over 80% of car buyers would like to get everything done relating to their car purchase, including insurance, while at the dealership buying their car.

“DealerPolicy was attractive to us for three main reasons,” said Herb Chambers CEO Alan McLaren. “The first is that it offers real benefits for our customers and helps improve their instore experience — we can now truly provide them with a one stop shopping experience. The second is that we believe the auto insurance savings generated by this program could increase affordability for additional protection products. Finally, the Digital Dealer Agency program will provide an additional income stream through our licensed agency.”

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