Manheim’s local auction network hosts 49 sales per month nationwide, with dealers averaging a 77% sales efficiency rate based on Manheim data. - IMAGE: Manheim

Manheim’s local auction network hosts 49 sales per month nationwide, with dealers averaging a 77% sales efficiency rate based on Manheim data. 

IMAGE: Manheim

ATLANTA – Finding used vehicles can be challenging for dealers today with the industry’s tight wholesale inventory supply. In a move to offer clients in northwest Ohio another way to find vehicles, Manheim recently expanded its Local Auction Network to include Manheim Montpelier. The new location (previously Montpelier Auto Auction) held its grand opening sale on July 13 and sold more than half of the 109 vehicles offered. 

“I’ve been in the car business for over 50 years and need a community sale, as I buy and sell for many different dealers,” said Bob Bolenbaugh, a local wholesaler. “I’m excited about the new sale and team at Manheim Montpelier.  Even when cars are hard to find, we always need more.”

The new site represents the first-ever physical presence for Manheim and clients in the region. With four auction lanes, sales will take place bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 10:00a.m. and feature multiple-sellers. Currently, Manheim conducts 49 local auction sales each month, including 31 recurring and 18 event sales.  

“We are excited to offer another local, convenient option for dealers to source inventory,” said Randy Beil, Manheim regional vice president. “Our goal is to provide choices for them to do business.  Whether it’s kicking the tires in person at our newest location or doing business digitally, we want to meet our clients where they are.” 

Manheim’s local auctions are offered to clients in three ways: 

  • 21 locally-branded facilities nationwide via Digital Block™ sales. These sales can start with one anchor partner and expand to multiple consignors. 
  • Dedicated trailer or bus units outfitted to conduct sales both in-person and via Simulcast. 
  • Event sales, that can be held at different venues based on consignor preference. Sellers provide the vehicles and location, with the ideal local auction candidate having at least 100 vehicles for sale each month. In addition to delivering a targeted buyer base, these sales also enable consignors to reduce transportation and travel costs.

All options include an auctioneer and support staff, along with the Manheim services that dealers rely upon, such as Simulcast, financing, condition reports and assurance solutions. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all sales require clients and employees to wear face coverings unless they are fully vaccinated, provided state and local mandates permit.  

In addition to providing the technology and expertise to host an auction anywhere, anytime; Manheim uses targeted marketing to deliver an average of 1.25 online and in-person buyers per car run in each sale.

“The grand opening sale was wonderful, and I’m excited to have such an exciting place to do business,” said Kevin Dick, owner of Kevin’s Motor Sales in Montpelier. “Wishing the best to all, let’s go Montpelier.”  

For a complete list of Manheim’s local auction locations, click here

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