Partnership targets commercial vehicle sales. - IMAGE: Getty Images/ photoschmidt

Partnership targets commercial vehicle sales.

IMAGE: Getty Images/ photoschmidt

Work Truck Solutions, provider of an operations, marketing and lead-generation platform for commercial vehicle sales, recently announced a strategic partnership with FordDirect to help Ford and Lincoln dealers capitalize on the value and profits associated with growing B2B business opportunities. The partnership provides Ford dealers with the choice of two unique Work Truck Solutions offerings created to serve the commercial department needs of a single manufacturer's entire dealer body.

Dealers across the country face the complicated realities of inventory shortages, unstable supply chains, and a volatile economy. Work Truck Solutions provides tools and services to help dealers fulfill the needs of their work truck and van customers.

As part of the strategic partnership with Work Truck Solutions, FordDirect will connect Ford and Lincoln dealers to the innovative commercial vehicle business offering, which includes a custom bundle of tools, special consultative services, and a partnership relationship.

“For business owners, their work truck or van is their job or business. Without it, they’re just not working. Given the current inventory shortage, buyers are looking to work with dealers to plan for, find, or order the right vehicle,” said Kathryn Schifferle, CEO of Work Truck Solutions. “Helping dealers be that consultant for their business customers’ vehicle needs, as well as offer additional products and services before and after the sale, is critical to maximizing a commercial department’s success.” 

Currently, dealers’ online shopping tools may not address the unique needs of their commercial vehicle buyers; business shoppers are focused on the actual configuration of the vehicle and their specific business use case. That's what Work Truck Solutions specializes in, and its mission is to create a frictionless path for business owners to find the vehicles they need by providing dealers with the right tools to serve this unique customer base.

“FordDirect partners with only a select few companies to fill unique needs of Ford and Lincoln dealerships,” Schifferle said. “We’re honored to partner with FordDirect and assist dealerships with digital strategies, solutions, and services that will drive their commercial business growth.”

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