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Just One More Thing ...

If Det. Columbo were an auto dealer, his appointed compliance officer would have a long list of...

Don’t let your compliance officer off the hook without an ironclad checklist of all the rules and regulations surrounding dealer advertising.


5 Ways to Blow Up a Service Customer

Failing to properly itemize an RO is a common mistake that breeds frustration and distrust in...

Are you pulling in too much fixed ops revenue? Dealer consultant shares five proven methods for insulting customers, improperly documenting and addressing their concerns, and discouraging repeat visits.


The Topic That Won’t Go Away: Loan Fees

Questions continue to swirl around loan fees charged to car buyers. A recent case in North...

A North Dakota car buyer prevailed in a recent case involving loan (or ‘acquisition’) fees that reached the state supreme court, where the dealer was found to have failed to properly disclose the charge.