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Online Programs Make Listing Auction Vehicles A Smooth And Easy Ride

Every dealer knows how to prepare a vehicle on the lot or in the showroom to highlight its features in a professional and attractive manner, but many are unaware of the powerful tools available to help them present these same vehicles effectively on online marketplaces, like eBay Motors. In order to assist eBay Motors dealers, software developers have created a number of Web-based programs that make the creation and management of auction listings substantially easier and more effective.

eBay Motors’ Preferred Solution Provider program ensures that these tools function correctly with eBay’s software and policies. eBay Motors' process for developers is comprehensive and eBay Motors is so dedicated to ensuring that dealer sellers have powerful listing tools available to improve their experience that eBay purchased one of the leading developers for such tools, CARad. eBay Motors leadership, developers and dealer specialists are in constant contact with CARad and the other Preferred Solution Providers such as Auction 123 and eBizAutos.

CARad ( provides a simple way for dealers to create listings and to manage all their listings simultaneously. Using CARad, dealers find a variety of very professional-looking HTML template designs that dealers can use on their own or have CARad manage.

The program offers many benefits, including incorporating the dealer’s logo into listings. Dealers can upload as many as 35 images per listing with a single click. Viewers can get a closer look on these photos as well. CARad’s Image Zoom feature allows visitors to zoom in on a photo to examine detail and to view it from a different perspective.

The program’s Vehicle Description Builder and Vehicle Condition Report Builder enable the dealer to create listing sections with all the pertinent details of each vehicle in just seconds and can assist with the selection of the right keywords for the listing title. Additionally, CARad listing features include links to other providers that offer financing, vehicle history information and related services; the eBay Motors garage that features all of a dealer’s vehicles in one gallery; pre-filled transaction forms; and “For Sale on eBay Motors” signs to display in the vehicles themselves.

CARad also helps dealers manage their listings. It will create, post, monitor and manage listings on eBay Motors from a single location without requiring access to the eBay site. It tracks and stores e-mail communications with buyers and produces reports on Sold Inventory, Currently on eBay Motors, Sold on eBay Motors, and e-mail Archives.

CARad is owned by eBay Inc., and individuals must register on eBay Motors to use this program. Fees for CARad are $9.95 (plus eBay Motors’ insertion and transaction fees) for a single listing or $299.95 (plus eBay Motors fees) for unlimited listings for 30 days. If a listed vehicle doesn’t sell, relisting is free.

Auction123 ( creates attractive designs for vehicle auctions that incorporate 15 to 30 images per listing. It displays an eBay Motors Gallery for all the vehicles that a dealer lists on the site, allowing visitors to access and shop the dealer’s entire eBay Motors inventory and also provides a map and driving directions to the dealership. Links to insurance companies, car-history services, financing and inspection companies are included to assist buyers.

Auction 123 also offers listing management. Its Automated Bidder Contact feature sends e-mails resulting from an eBay Motors listing directly to a designated sales contact and directs automated e-mails to the dealership for every bid placed. Dealers can also utilize an e-mail Seller Correspondence Form to gather more information on customers while allowing potential buyers to ask questions about a vehicle of interest.

The fee for dealers using Auction123 is $49.95 per listing for seven days, plus eBay Motors’ fees. An initial $125 setup fee for new dealers applies, and dealers are charged $25.00 to relist a vehicle.


Offerings from eBizAutos ( focus on auction management, Web site development and window stickers. With eBizAutos, dealers can choose from 40 professionally designed vehicle inventory gallery templates and are able to include as many as 60 photos per listing. Dealers can use the program to create customized listings in minutes, including detailed descriptions on each vehicle.

eBizAutos cuts listing management time on eBay Motors by automatically linking e-mail leads and eBay Motors bidders to each vehicle listing. It also provides a lead manager to facilitate e-mail correspondence with interested consumers. It allows dealers quickly to schedule auctions, manage relisted vehicles, revise or end live auctions and correspond with e-mail leads and eBay Motors bidders.

With eBizAutos, dealers can build and manage customized Web sites, fashioned around the inventory gallery, that are linked to their listings on eBay Motors.

As each listing is created with eBizAutos, information is recorded that can generate buyers guides and window stickers in a variety of styles, displaying up to 50 features of each vehicle. The stickers are created in Adobe Acrobat PDF format for printing.

eBizAutos offers a range of service packages for monthly fees, starting at $99 a month for up to 10 listings with Auction Manager, Inventory Gallery and Standard Inventory Manager. Dealers have unlimited listings for $349 a month, and the MX package offers more services (including Web site, stickers and advanced inventory management) with unlimited listings for $569 per month.

Trustworthy Solutions

For a reasonable fee, these tools generate listings and galleries for dealer’s vehicles on eBay Motors, with a sophisticated look and highly interactive access to images, descriptions and services. Each of these programs helps the dealer rapidly build a great-looking set of listings while taking the hassle out of tracking and responding to bidders and buyers.


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