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The Best The Net Has To Offer Dealers

At the recent Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, the session that may have created the greatest buzz was a panel on Internet strategies. There, dealers learned tips from those making the most of their online presence.
In today’s market, two of every three automotive buyers research their purchases online before going to a dealership, a trend that will only increase as online search technology continues to improve. Consumers want timesaving practical functions like the ability to search for similar vehicles across brands.
Many successful dealers have learned that marketing expensive or exclusive accessories and vehicles on the Internet may attract attention, but it’s using the Net “to offer customers choice and transparency” that draws the sale.
These insights all point to one simple fact: the Internet is giving automotive consumers the control and the power that they’ve never had in the past.
eBay Motors has always realized the importance of connecting with what the customer wants. That connection helps eBay Motors offer a simple, secure and flexible platform that brings buyers together with sellers. Part of the flexibility built into eBay Motors is Buy It Now, a popular option that allows sellers to offer fixed price as part of a standard listing.
The introduction of the next generation Best Offer feature in early 2006 only adds to the flexibility on eBay Motors. Best Offer allows buyers and sellers to negotiate prices on the eBay Motors platform through a back and forth dialogue. The newest upgrades to Best Offer include enhanced functionality that not only encourages buyers but also assists sellers throughout the transaction.

When a dealer uses Best Offer, the option allows individual consumers to submit offers, rather than a bid or a take-it-or-leave-it price. The dealer can then negotiate with these buyers online through eBay. When buyer and seller come to an agreement, the final offer becomes a binding bid and the listing comes to an end.

With Best Offer, the dealer can set a target asking price, obtain offers from multiple buyers, and determine which offer is best and with which buyer to negotiate. The improved Best Offer feature also allows dealers to:

Make and accept counter-offers – Sellers can respond directly to a Best Offer by making a counter-offer.

Previously, the seller could only reject offers with a counter-offer in the text of the accompanying e-mail. The new functionality allows the seller to make an offer that the buyer can immediately accept.

Manage offers with ease – Sellers can now track all Best Offer listings in a centralized location.

Place a “Best Offer” button directly on the item listings – Best Offer is now a clearer option for buyers, as an easily visible button.

Best Offer is available – at no extra cost – to any eBay Motors seller eligible to use Buy It Now. Qualifications include a feedback rating of 10 or more to list a single vehicle, five or more if the seller is registered with PayPal or the seller can also qualify by becoming ID Verified on eBay.

The Best Offer feature lets buyers and sellers interact online as though they were face-to-face in an offline environment. Additionally, a single dealer can negotiate with numerous potential buyers all around the country in the same period of time.

The Web is a comfortable environment for the vehicle shopper, and the more that the dealer can do to meet customer expectations and personalize the shopping experience, the more successful the sales effort. With functions such as Best Offer, eBay Motors will continue to provide dealers with features that work to meet the needs of today’s consumer.

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