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Point, Click, Sale: Building an Online Dealership to Reach More Customers

Comfort and experience have helped make consumers more confident online shoppers, and with that comes the willingness to make even significant purchases online, sight unseen. A record 67.5 percent of new vehicle buyers use the Internet in their vehicle shopping process, according to the latest findings from J.D. Power and Associates.

The Internet allows consumers to search a vast selection of vehicles, read reviews and reports, compare prices, and look for deals. Most importantly, they can do it all at their own convenience. It is important for dealers to take advantage of this type of consumer behavior by establishing a presence online.

The ability to market and sell vehicles online is becoming more critical every day. Below are a few best practices from dealers using eBay Motors to help your dealership make the leap online.

Service is your business
Your online buyers demand the same kind of attention, service and responsiveness they would receive on the lot. Dedicating staff to your online presence will enhance your dealership by putting your customers at ease and increasing sales.

Dedicated Support
Most successful dealers have an assigned sales staff handling all online activities. One or more individuals should be selected to carry the responsibility for your online sales. They can establish relationships with potential buyers and close the deal without disrupting existing dealership operations.

Two-way communication
Respond to questions from potential buyers promptly, whether it is through e-mail or phone. Always pay attention to the feedback your customers are giving you to help you provide even better service in the future. If you are using an eBay Motors account, be sure to monitor your official feedback. Positive feedback is especially important, as it establishes credibility and helps comfort prospective customers when making a large purchase online.

Take your brand with you online
Always present your company in a professional manner. Your online presence is an extension of your dealership. It is critical to maintain a professional, trustworthy atmosphere in all your online listings. Be sure to incorporate the same logo, colors and graphic style in your listings that you use in your store signage and marketing materials.

Selling online: What’s new, what’s not
One principle that applies to all sales online and offline is to know your customer. The key to boosting sales and getting real value from selling online is offering the right selection at the right prices and utilizing appropriate sales tools. For the most part, your online customers will be looking for the same things as the customers that come to your lot. There are a few subtle differences, however, and knowing these can help dramatically improve your online sales returns.

Selection is everything
As the Internet continues to evolve, dealers should also look for new services that make selling vehicles online easier. eBay Motors recently introduced eBay Motors Local Market, a subscription-based service that allows dealers to upload as many vehicles as desired and make them available to buyers within a 100-mile radius of their dealerships. The technology has proven a strong lead-generation tool and an excellent way to use the Web to find a local audience, boost sales and drive margins.

Price to sell
Your customers are looking for a vehicle that is competitively priced. If you’re pricing high and expecting to negotiate, your customers will likely rule you out altogether in favor of another vehicle with a lower starting price. Not only is it important to price competitively, but be willing to negotiate. Dealers on eBay Motors have the option to add “Best Offer” function to each of their listings. Best Offer allows dealers to accept offers from multiple buyers, select the best offer and negotiate a final price, all through their eBay listing.

The golden rule of merchandising online is to always provide as much information as possible. This is even more important when it comes to big ticket items such as vehicles. Research shows buyers are more likely to purchase a vehicle sight-unseen when they feel comfortable that they have been given all the information they need. Providing detailed photos, disclosing even the tiniest defects and offering vehicle history reports will help make your potential customers more confident about buying from you. Also, be willing to go beyond expectations and offer services or recommendations for third-party inspections, financing and vehicle delivery. A little extra effort to deliver superior service goes a long way.

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