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Gain Traction With Online Listing Option

For dealers just getting started selling online or for those who want to find ways to increase success, eBay Motors has several options to get more mileage out of your listings. Nearly one in four buyers of late-model used vehicles (23 percent) used an Internet vehicle locator like eBay Motors to find the vehicle they purchased – a 44 percent increase since 2006, according to J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Used Study.

When users search for vehicles or parts on eBay Motors, their eyes are drawn to listings closer to the top of the page, as well as listings that stand out from others through visual aids. At the same time, buyer guarantees can instill bidding and purchasing confidence.

With approximately 248 million registered users worldwide and more than 13 million unique visitors every month, creating an eye-catching, it’s important to have clear and concise listings that will draw attention and lead to additional clicks.

Potential buyers can arrange search results by the listing end date, price and other options with 50 results per page. To attract additional attention, you can enhance your dealer listings with features such as bold or highlighted text and gallery options.

Upgrades to auction listings
eBay Motors offers several options to more prominently display your listings because you are competing with more than 556 million listings at any given time.

The gallery featured option presents listings above the general picture gallery, providing a more prominent display option. The exact location is dependent on how many other gallery featured items are in the same category and the timing of the listing. Think of this feature as a display ad for your dealership above the fold in a newspaper showcasing the most attractive vehicles and models you have to offer. Utilize this type of listing to drive traffic to your site and bring in additional customers to your online showroom.

Featured plus items appear at the top of search results related to the item’s keywords and in the featured items section of its category. Each search results page has a featured items section at the top, increasing visibility of those select items. Using this type of enhanced listing allows you to be displayed more prominently in front of customers interested in your vehicles.

To add several options at the same time, dealers can opt for a pro pack, which combines bold, border, highlight and featured plus. We suggest testing and trying select features to see what might yield the best results for you and your dealership.

Once you have a potential buyer’s attention, there are other features that can convert lookers into buyers, such as the condition guarantee by seller program and vehicle purchase protection.

Adding confidence to large purchases
The “condition guarantee by seller” program provides buyers with added confidence that a passenger vehicle purchased is accurately described in the listing, and it protects buyers if the actual vehicle condition is materially different from the listing description. It covers buyers up to 50 percent of the vehicle's purchase price, with a maximum coverage of $10,000.

Dealers who add the guarantee state that the vehicle condition is exactly as described and the dealer will work with the buyer to ensure satisfaction. The eBay Motors site has a list of vehicles and kinds of issues that are covered with the guarantee. On the buyer side, buyers (after receiving the vehicle) are required to contact the seller in writing within 24 hours for cosmetic conditions and 72 hours for mechanical conditions.
Vehicle purchase protection is provided by eBay Motors to passenger vehicle buyers who complete their purchase on the site to protect against cases of outright fraud or gross misrepresentation which results in a devaluation of at least 50 percent of the vehicle's purchase price, with a maximum coverage of $20,000. Coverage also includes vehicles with undisclosed engine, transmission or body damage where the cost of repair of any one of those components exceeds $1,500. Highlighting these protections will give the buyer added confidence and will help you sell your vehicles more quickly and with greater satisfaction.

Upgrades and added protection can be added to all listings in a consistent manner with third-party providers that automate the listing process for many dealers. These providers offer templates that will maintain your brand integrity within each listing, along with a wide variety of tools for managing your sales online. Visit to find links to a solution provider that best fits your dealership’s needs.

Vol 4, Issue 12



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