Zoombak®, a leading provider of GPS tracking devices, recently announced the launch of Locate Assist™, a new feature for the company’s buy here pay here product, Zoombak GPS Recovery™ Finance Track. This new feature will give buy here pay here dealers an advantage they didn’t have before in tracking their vehicles.

With Locate Assist, if a Zoombak device is unable to lock onto a GPS signal—for example, if a vehicle is inside a parking garage or other structure—a proprietary algorithm allows the device to use cell tower data instead to determine the vehicle’s location. Depending on the number of cell towers in the area, Locate Assist generally shows users a device’s location within a radius of 150 yards, three-quarters of a mile or a mile-and-a-half.

“Zoombak is the only buy here pay here solution that offers Locate Assist, which allows for indoor tracking of skips,” said John Cullen, director of marketing for Zoombak. “This is something that has not been available before and will not be generally available [elsewhere] but because of the relationships we have with our sister company and our carrier, we’re able to offer this amazing feature.”

Buy here pay here dealers gain a definite advantage from this technology. Cullen estimated that the addition of Locate Assist will improve locate success rates to 96 percent or higher. The feature adds even more value to the Finance Track product at no additional cost to dealers. The upgrading of devices will begin this week.

Zoombak GPS Recovery Finance Track offers BHPH dealers on-demand, real-time location of vehicles through an easy-to-use Web interface. Each device is equipped with disconnect and power-off alerts as well as a three-day battery backup, so if someone finds and disconnects the device, the dealer will immediately be alerted and still has three days to locate the device. Zoombak GPS Recovery Finance Track service plans are available for one, two or three years and offer BHPH dealers a cost-efficient and highly effective means of protecting their collateral.

For more information on Zoombak GPS Recovery Finance Track, call 877.223.0415 or visit www.zoombakgpsrecovery.com