There is a new kid on the social media block: Pinterest, an online pin board on which users have the opportunity to organize and share the things that they love. Essentially, it is a visual bulletin board for the Web, and a great way for your dealership to market your vehicles.

Pinterest is by invitation only. You can request an invite at, but it could take a few weeks. And honestly, who really wants to wait that long? The easiest way to become a user is to ask a friend to send you an invite; but I’ll do you one better. Email me, and I’ll send you one!

Once invited, users are able to begin pinning images, which are also known as pins, to their boards; a user’s board is where their pins live. Users, also known as pinners, are able to have multiple boards for different subjects they are interested in.

Become Viral
It gets really exciting when content begins to spread virally through the practice of repinning; once something is pinned, it can be repinned by other users. Pinterest users are able to link this account to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, increasing the exposure of their pins, and possibly your vehicle pages.

After users begin pinning, repinning and building out their boards, they begin to construct a list of people to follow, which can be based on common interests, or they can choose specific pinners to follow, like the people they are already connected with on Facebook and Twitter. Users can choose whether they will follow all of a user’s boards or select just a single board.

Pinterest has actually been around for almost two years, but it just recently has become the next big thing in the world of social media, as one of the Top 10 social networks.

Why Would a Dealership Use Pinterest?
• It has had an impressive number of visitors – 11.7 million – and reached that mark faster than any other standalone site in history. When a dealership has the ability to reach that many users, why wouldn’t you take a chance to raise awareness of your product?

• It presents opportunities to self-promote your vehicles by linking images to inventory pages and even adding pricing directly to the pin.

• A dealership can also promote service specials, car parts and accessories, and various other items, not only increasing followers, but also attracting traffic to their site.

• It offers the ability to show that your dealership has both a personality and additional interests other than cars, adding a distinctive aspect to your dealership image.

• It adds SEO value to your dealership; this happens when people repin you and credit your site as the original. Also, when you pin an image, all you have to do is make sure it links back to your website.

Reaching a Different Segment of Car Shoppers
With Pinterest, dealerships have the ability to reach potential users they may not always be able to reach using other social media platforms. When pinners begin their Pinterest accounts, they have the option to follow based on shared interests. This means that pinners will be following someone they don’t necessarily know personally, and as a dealership you have the ability to connect with a larger group of potential customers at one time.

In addition to possibly connecting with more potential customers, using Pinterest is a way to draw someone in who may not be currently looking to buy a new vehicle. Say, for example, a dealership takes advantage of pinning and repining individual interests, such as planning a wedding, preparing for children, vacation ideas or even sports; essentially the ideas are endless. There is the chance of exposing your dealership and becoming more relatable to users who are involved in similar life experiences.
Do you think your dealership is ready to take the step and request an invite to Pinterest? Are you ready to become more relatable, and have the chance to connect to the possible 11.7 million pinners currently using Pinterest? There is even an iPhone app available. Sure you are, and happy pinning!

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