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Attorney Tom Hudson And Team Write Book For Auto Dealers About Vehicle Financing, Leasing

HANOVER, Md. -, the publisher of automobile financing and leasing legal compliance services, has published a new book by Thomas B. Hudson and the lawyers of Hudson Cook LLP that gives readers 342 things to know about auto dealer finance.

The new book, titled “CARLAW® F&I Legal Desk Book – The Answer Book for Finance and Insurance Professionals,” presents a law-by-law, regulation-by-regulation guide through the legal maze that dealers face every day. Each chapter was authored by a Hudson Cook lawyer who’s day-in, day-out practice involves that chapter’s subject matter. The format for each chapter is a straightforward “Q and A,” with questions and answers designed to address the everyday compliance issues that dealers face. The book includes Internet links through, so readers can find the actual laws and regulations discussed in each chapter.

The "F&I Legal Desk Book" also has been designated as the Official Text Book for the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals’ Certified F&I Professional Program. Dave Robertson, AFIP’s Executive Director, said “The F&I Legal Desk Book is the official course text for the AFIP Certification Program. Hudson Cook is now the course authority for the applicable state and federal regulations. I can count on one hand the law firms in the United States who could have met our curriculum requirements. The F&I Legal Desk Book will dramatically reduce the time required for candidates to prepare for the 200-question final exam. Hudson Cook has made a major contribution to AFIP’s efforts to raise the bar for regulatory compliance and ethical conduct within the F&I trade.”

Joe Lescota, Chairman of the Automotive Marketing Department at Northwood University, indicated that Northwood’s students would be seeing the book shortly. He said, "If a dealer had to decide between renting an inflatable gorilla for his dealership's rooftop or purchasing this book for every single manager and office manager in the dealership, I hope the dealer will make the business decision that could save him or her thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees... . Put the gorilla on hold and insist that every manager read this book and keep it on their desks. I'm making it required reading for every Northwood University Automotive Marketing major."

Hudson’s first book, " CARLAW®, A Southern Attorney Delivers HUMOROUS PRACTICAL LEGAL ADVICE on Car Sales and Financing!" is a collection of articles and stories on legal issues that those in the car financing and leasing business deal with on a daily basis.

"Dealers today need to have law degrees or have lawyers on staff. That’s not practical. We are trying to bring the laws and regulations that dealers need to know into the dealership, in a form that dealers can use," Hudson said. "The purpose of this book is to guide dealers and F&I professionals through their duties and responsibilities under the various laws they have to grapple with in a readable, user-friendly form."

The "F&I Legal Desk Book" is 340 pages and costs $49.95 plus shipping and handling. To order, go to (Products tab)


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