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Dealer Ops Releases New User Interface for Dealership Sales Software Sales Process Software that Goes Far Beyond CRM

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA –, which delivers Sales Process Software and Dealership Analytics to automotive dealerships, today announced a major product upgrade. It includes a new User Interface, similar to Microsoft Office, that makes the system even more intuitive and easy to learn.’s sales software goes far beyond CRM, connecting every part of the sales team, from the Internet department to F&I, into a single process defined by the dealer. moved to this new look and feel based on dealer feedback and in-depth dealership trials. The new interface includes:

* Drop-down menus and hot-keys for users who prefer mouseless navigation.

* A new sidebar, always on the screen, that provides instant access to the last ten items the user has worked on. Desk managers can shift instantly among multiple open deals, and salespeople can return to deals and prospects with just one click, even if they can’t remember how a name was spelled.

* Current Prospect and Current Deal that are accessible from every application point.

“The fact is, a lot of CRM installations have tons of features, and the team doesn’t use them. Why? Because they’re too complicated to learn and use. That just doesn’t work with the high turnover in our industry; software for dealerships has to be quick and easy to learn. does more than any CRM package, but users learn it in a day or two,” commented Skip Kinford, President of

Jeffrey Schwartz, former CEO of Autobytel, now runs AutoCentro, a new dealership group focused on pre-owned vehicles, in Colton and Riverside, California. The technology-minded group has spent the last three years designing and building sales automation tools inside its dealership. “We were looking for providers and was the one most focused on our needs. It’s 100% Web-based, seamlessly integrates with our other systems, and it’s very easy to learn to use,” commented Schwartz.

“Our salespeople and managers like the system because it’s so intuitive and easy to train on. All the new functionality makes navigating a breeze, and it’s a lot faster to get to the information we need every day. All the critical information is there with just a couple of clicks. has made it easier for us to maintain a competitve edge with our customers and prospects.”


Based in Westlake Village, CA, has brought together a unique team of world-class experts in both retail automotive and software.

The industry’s first Sales Process Software guides the entire sales team, from lead receipt to F&I. It extends CRM with an Integrated Showroom, tracking and managing the dealer’s own sales process on every lead and every deal. The proven result: more units, more front and back gross per unit, and higher CSI / SSI. Dealerships have repeatedly achieved these results in less than six months on the system.

And’s Dealership Analytics delivers visibility and control dealers have always wanted and never had. It automatically integrates DMS data with every detail of the sales process. No other vendor in the world can do this, because they don’t have end-to-end Sales Process Software to gather the data. Dealership Analytics gives dealers fast, easy access to information that rapidly increases profits.

The system integrates easily with both ADP and R&R DMS systems. It’s Web-based, so dealers can concentrate on cars instead of servers. Automated configuration and hands-on training get dealerships running in less than two weeks. And tests all of its software, and trains all of its people, at its own franchised dealership. 



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