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Mobile Productivity Launches World Class Inspection Certification Program

Las Vegas, NV – Vehicle inspection programs can produce substantial revenue for auto dealership service departments; however, most fail because they can’t easily be measured. Mobile Productivity, Inc., (MPi) a premier supplier of proprietary diagnostic, repair information and service merchandising solutions to the automotive industry, announced today the launch of a new World Class Inspection Program that for the first time offers real live process measurement for vehicle service departments. World Class Inspection™ provides service departments with the tools and processes to measure, manage and coach desired results. 

“Many new products and services fail because they are never fully implemented. Bringing about a change in behavior is difficult. Process change in a dealership is VERY hard,” commented Les Silver, MPi President & CEO. “The ability to measure results is important – what gets measured gets done.  One of the few things proven to reap substantial financial benefits is a good inspection process. However, it has to be well implemented. While dealers have been doing inspections for years, few have yielded the desired results. In order to have REAL process change both results and process metrics are needed,” Silver added.

The World Class Inspection process includes Implementation/Training, Hardware, a Measurement System, Software Tools and Field Support.

Revamped processes and training are required to set a solid foundation for World Class Inspections.  MPi uses a 3 pronged approach based on the proven John Wooden teaching methodology of Explanation, Demonstration, Imitation and Repetition. 

The training offered includes offsite “Super User” and process development workshops, Web-based training classes with post testing for all users as well as in-dealership coaching and on-the-job training.

Dealerships may be required to upgrade infrastructure and user devices. MPi offers a full suite of equipment that supports the World Class Inspection process including rugged technician laptops, high speed duplex laser printers and high speed wireless networks.

MPi has isolated the key measurements which enable management to control this process. The World Class Inspection measurements include:

  • Service Advisor (SA) requesting an inspection 
  • Technician completing an inspection
  • Tech recommendations per inspection
  • SA completing an estimate
  • SA printing a report for the customer
  • Penetration and dollars per inspection
World Class Tools:
World Class Inspections require world class tools; MPi’s Advanced Repair Guidance Information System (ARGIS) provides all the tools necessary to perform the best inspection process including:
  • Electronic inspection forms
  • Built-in specifications
  • Smart inspection technology
  • SA treatment plan for completing customer estimate
  • Full color customer Know Your Vehicle™ report
  • Good part, bad part pictures and descriptions
The World Class Inspection system helps increase shop throughput. For this reason tools to help improve technician efficiency and productivity are an important part of the package. The ARGIS software includes a “one of a kind” service information and diagnostic tool with the exclusive Knowledge Cluster Technology, (patent pending) to speed up diagnosis and repair.

Service departments using this tool have seen:
  • 80% reduction in time required to locate needed information
  • 35% increase in productivity that can add up to 1.5 hours of additional capacity per technician per day
  • Increased repair quality and fixed right statistics
MPi has invested in a field support organization to assist dealers with the ongoing management of the World Class Inspections process. The support includes regular scheduled visits from an inspection process expert to help ensure that processes and correctly adopted and that long term success is achieved.

“When dealers don’t perform quality inspections they are doing the customer a disservice, to say nothing of the potential profit they are leaving on the table. As an analogy; if an X-ray showed lung cancer and the doctor sent the patient away with just a flu shot, the patient’s best interests would not have been served. When a customer comes in for an oil change, they don’t want to break down 24 hours later because a complete vehicle inspection wasn’t done.  We are advocating a quality inspection for every vehicle, every visit.  With the World Class Inspection process, for the first time we can put a system in place that can effectively manage the process and guarantee its success,” said Silver.

The World Class Inspection Program will be launched at NADA 2007, Feb. 3-6 in Las Vegas, NV, at booth 5651N.

About Mobile Productivity, Inc:
Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, Mobile Productivity Inc. is a premier supplier of proprietary diagnostic, repair information and service merchandising solutions to the automotive industry. The company's technology is making a difference in dealerships across the country; providing significant increases in profits, efficiencies and customer loyalty.


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