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AutoSurvey Announces New Version Of Its Customer Loyalty Application

Scottsdale, AZ – AutoSurvey by Vital Insight Group, a leading provider of advanced customer loyalty solutions, announced today the release of a new version of its application for automotive dealerships. The newest version of AutoSurvey includes several features that improve scalability and reporting capabilities for auto organizations and auto manufacturers.
“In the last year there has been such a tremendous interest in and demand for effective customer service solutions by dealers, larger dealer groups and manufacturers,” said Jason Tryfon, President of Vital Insight Group. “The latest version of AutoSurvey has been developed to meet the needs of an ever increasing market and to satisfy our existing customer requests.”
AutoSurvey’s latest additions include:
  • Single Sign On – Now dealers and managers have the ability to view and manage all dealer sites with a single log in, as opposed to logging in to each separate server to retrieve results. This feature saves time and allows for more comprehensive reporting across multiple dealerships.
  • Assigning Issues to Multiple Users – When a customer service issue is identified, the manager in charge can now assign accountability to multiple users and even entire departments, instead of to just one user. The new version of AutoSurvey notifies managers how long it takes for every individual in a group to get in the loop and to resolve the issue.
  • New Reports – AutoSurvey has developed a suite of customizable reporting options for large dealer groups and manufacturers. Executives and managers who might be interested in benchmarking and trending figures at a regional level can now order reports that are relevant to their specific needs.
  • Corporate Rollups – Based on login level and access rights, different managers can now view and analyze CSI scores and other metrics from a regional or even national perspective. Corporate rollups are “data cubes” designed in a standard tree structure with +/- options, allowing managers to roll up or down on data in a variety of ways. Managers can easily analyze statistics related to CSI scores, response rates, average response times of surveys and more. If scores are low in a particular region, it allows for easy identification of offending dealerships and even down to the offending employee(s).
  • Spell Check – Developed as a direct result of numerous customer requests, a spell check feature has been incorporated into AutoSurvey, improving professionalism and helping dealers maintain a clean image
  • Advent Integration – AutoSurvey is able to integrate seamlessly with Advent Resource’s High Performance Sales System CRM module, providing dealers using Advent with an automated CSI survey tool.
  • New Graphics - AutoSurvey now offers an extended and updated library of graphical templates to be used for survey and marketing communications
  • Advanced Training – AutoSurvey continues to practice what it preaches, offering the ultimate customer service for its own loyal client base of more than 1,000 auto dealers. Training is provided FREE of charge for AutoSurvey customers, including WebEx weekly sessions that train on all aspects of the system, increasing usability and functionality of the system for dealers.
About AutoSurvey
AutoSurvey by Vital Insight Group provides automotive dealers with outstanding customer loyalty solutions that revolutionize the way customer service departments respond to client concerns. AutoSurvey is a CRM tool that helps dealers to identify key business problems, develop operational innovations to resolve them, and prevent client defection instantly. AutoSurvey has been implemented by some of the industry’s largest manufacturers and dealer groups, providing them with immediate, relevant and actionable customer feedback. For dealers committed to improving CSI scores by creating meaningful relationships with their customers, AutoSurvey is an Internet-based, scalable and customizable application that builds long-term loyalty and provides a competitive edge in the marketplace. The Vital Insight Group is headquartered in Markham, Ontario, with U.S.-based offices in Scottsdale, AZ and representatives throughout North America.


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