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Interactive Financial Marketing Group Launches Intelle-Lead And Fuel Products At NADA

New automotive communication programs help convert leads into sales and expands dealers special finance customer base
Richmond, VA - InterActive Financial Marketing Group (IFMG), one of the automotive industry's top rated Special Finance Lead Generation companies, released two new products, Intelle-Lead and Fuel at the National Automobile Dealer’s Association (NADA) Convention and Expo February 3-6, 2007 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

“The roll out of our Intelli-Lead and FUEL programs further enhance IFMG’s ability to offer dealers a customized sales tool to Sell More Cars,” said Travis B. Weisleder, IFMG president and CEO. “IFMG continues to lead the forefront of customized sales solutions for dealers nationwide.”
Follow Up Every Lead (FUEL) is IFMG's patent-pending program which offers a targeted and systematic response structured to help connect the dealer and the prospect to aid the sales process -- communications that can be personalized and customized to your dealership. The process starts with a full-color, first-class letter at first contact and three carefully crafted emails in the first 24 hours. There are telephone contact efforts from our Business Development Center (7 to 20 calls per lead over 30 days) and a series of emails covering a 30-day timeline, with different approaches timed to the customer's place in the sales cycle. Thanks to FUEL's seamless integration with DOLLAR, IFMG’s lead management system, IFMG can alert your dealership of appointments in advance. 
The new patent-pending Intelli-Lead program filters sales prospects with exclusive credit technology and delivers these leads to your dealership. IFMG is the only company in the industry capable of offering this service. IFMG developed the proprietary credit modeling behind Intelli-Lead in tandem with industry heavyweights Experian and TransUnion, and our Intelli-Lead program is currently being used by hundreds of dealers nationwide. Leads can be filtered by a variety of criteria, but generally deliver potential customers with a credit score above 500 and a monthly income of more than $1,600.
About IFMG
InterActive Financial Marketing Group, LLC (IFMG), ( is a top rated national special finance lead generation and marketing company within the automotive industry. Working with Automotive Dealerships nationwide, IFMG specializes in obtaining high quality special finance customers from its family of brands including hundreds of the most recognized Internet addresses and vanity phone numbers in the industry including www.carloan.comsm, www.autoloan.comsm, 1-800-CAR-LOAN® and 1-800-AUTO-LOAN®. 
IFMG provides a highly targeted specialized direct mail program, IFMG Direct; a fully functional CRM, DOLLAR; F&I management solutions; a full service bilingual business development call center; an indirect lending arm, InterActive Financial Acceptance, LLC (IFA) which offers financing to our dealers for leads generated; special finance training through InterActive University; and customized advertising programs.


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