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Automotive Compliance Consultants, Inc. Partners With Guest Concepts And Its 1stPencil Technology!

CHICAGO, IL  -  Automotive Compliance Consultants, Inc. (ACC) is the leading National compliance specialty company offering turnkey Gramm, Leach, Bliley, Patriot Act, Finance & Insurance (F&I) compliance/auditing, EEOC and OSHA/EPA programs that encompass many of the overwhelming compliance tasks required by dealerships today.
ACC announced today a partnership with Guest Concepts and their patented technology “1stPencil” which is a premier desking tool for dealers. ACC believes that compliance starts the minute the prospect arrives on the lot. Much of what happens in the store is set up and controlled by the initial negotiations. ACC offers comprehensive sales practices training and F&I specialized training to ensure consistent high levels of performance.  ACC’s experience demonstrates that dealerships with consistent sales and financial services practices, limit their liability and improve their customers’ experience. As a result, sales, profits, customer satisfaction and loyalty increase.
Since its inception, ACC has conducted compliance training in over 500 locations across the country within the retail automotive dealership environment. This new alignment with Guest Concepts complements their services to now offer the technology, in conjunction with sales and F&I training that will not only make them compliant but increase the dollars per car.
“A typical Dealership using the Guest Concepts process sees a gross average increase of $400 - $700 per deal. Because negotiation times are reduced, customer satisfaction increases and customers are more receptive when they arrive in F&I.  The combination results in a huge win for the Dealer”, according to David Krier, President, Guest Concepts.
It is the combination of technology, training, and process that will enable the dealership to move to the next level. Any one of these components used alone, does not address the entire process.


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