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New Training Center Opens in Dallas

California - Joe Verde Sales & Management Training announced the grand opening of their new, 10,000 square foot Training Center located in Irving, Texas, just 7 miles from DFW.

The new Training Center will provide the Automotive, RV, Marine and Motorcycle industries direct access to the best sales and management training in the country. Dealers, managers and salespeople can expect to find workshops and training resources for all departments in their dealerships. The first workshop is scheduled for July 11, 2007. Every month, several different classes for sales, sales management, and leadership will be offered.  Multiple stations of the Joe Verde Online Training Network (JVTN) are also available for hands-on training.
Founded in 1985 by Joe Verde, the new training center represents a history-making moment in the 22 years of his company, and the strong commitment Verde has to deliver the best result-driven training to his customers.  Lastly, it simply shows what a boy who grew up on a farm in a small town in Texas can accomplish with strong leadership, perseverance and a forward thinking vision.

( Training Center) enables you to tour the new Training Center, access the workshop dates and the Center’s upcoming events, learn more about each of the training courses and find convenient lodging and driving directions.

About Joe Verde Sales & Management Training:
Joe Verde Sales & Management Training is the largest sales and management training company in the automobile industry teaching their exclusive formula for success. Verde’s global training company has clients in dozens of countries, over 4,800 automobile dealerships, hundreds of RV, Boat and Motorcycle Dealerships.  Joe Verde Sales & Management Training has a 22 year, verifiable track record of success with over half the top 500 dealerships are their customers.



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