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Mudd Advertising Takes Another Step Ahead Of Competition With Innovative Interactive Web site

MUDD ADVERTISING unveiled today the new innovative and interactive “face” of its website,  The new site puts visitors in the driver’s seat of a virtual car that takes a trip through a realistic, ultra-modern 3-D city.   The site also features an interactive GPS device that provides visitors with easy navigation capabilities.  Additionally, former Saturday Night Live cast-member Gary Kroeger and Natalie Montgomery guide visitors through the website to further increase navigation ease. 

The new site also incorporates new measurement technologies that allow the company the ability to track movements users make while on the site.  This tracking system is a key component of the company’s ability to strategically develop new products and meet the needs of its clients.

Brent Matthias, Chief Marketing Officer says, “Creating a website that has movement and sound that stimulates our senses is on the cutting edge of web design.  That is what we have at  The days of the stagnant ‘electronic newsletter’ website will go by the wayside like the 8-track and cassette tapes.  Harnessing the ability to create interactive, fresh new technologies is an area that Mudd Advertising wants to showcase for all our clients.”

This new website is unveiled at a time when car dealers are beginning to incorporate more and more technology into their monthly advertising budgets.  No longer do dealers rely solely on direct mail to bring customers into their showrooms.  Dealers are now incorporating a whole host of high-tech advertising options, such as Search Engine Marketing, Video Search Engine Optimization, and Personalized URLs, individualized websites that can be created for all customers in a dealer’s database.  MUDD ADVERTISING has developed a strong presence as a leader in this new technological arena of the industry, and its new website helps to further demonstrate the company’s impressive foresight into the future of web design.  

The unveiling of MUDD ADVERTISING’s new website also coincides with one of the largest recruitment periods in the company’s 26 year history.  The current recruitment boom is in response to the company’s continued, unprecedented growth.  With well over 20 positions currently open, the new website serves as an excellent tool to recruit top talent both locally in the Cedar Valley and all across the country. 

Site designer and MUDD ADVERTISING Website Manager Shane Klein says, “This site is bound to generate a great deal of hype.  There are few sites that allow visitor interaction like our new site does.  Having a guide to help navigate the site adds a personal touch to the environment that few other sites offer.” 

Founded in 1981, Mudd Advertising is the nation’s largest exclusive automotive advertising and marketing agency.  Mudd Advertising works with nearly 3000 clients in all 50 states, and delivers results through strategic planning, creative advertising, and integrated marketing.  As a highly distinguished company with nearly 200 employees, Mudd Advertising has risen to become one of the country’s largest direct mail companies, and boasts a state-of-the-art production studio with the capabilities to provide a full range of marketing services including advertising, database management, direct marketing, production, internet, public relations, training and consulting. 



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