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Nation’s Top Used-car Dealerships Recognized: Individual J.D. Byrider Stores Lauded for Exemplary Performance

INDIANAPOLIS, IN —Owners of 17 J.D. Byrider franchises were recently applauded for being the top performers in the nation’s oldest and largest used-car franchise system. The prestigious Franchise of the Year award—which recognizes the best franchise organizations in both store operations and contributions to the franchise system—was given at three levels.  Also given were 14 President’s Awards, the company’s recognition of top stores based on earnings, customer satisfaction levels, and the quality of their portfolios (e.g., delinquency and charge-off rates.)  All were announced at Byrider’s annual convention in Phoenix, AZ.

“Every year our franchisees step it up a notch, and we’re pleased to report that this year the competition for these awards was fierce,”said Jim DeVoe Jr., J.D. Byrider’s CEO.  “We continue to feel like we have more deserving stores than we have awards to hand out.”

“Competition was particularly stiff for our annual Franchise of the Year awards, which fall into three categories—single store franchises, mid-level franchises (two to three stores) and multiple store franchises (more than three)” said Steve Wedding, Byrider’s president of franchising. “Whether or not they picked up an award this year, we have many award-worthy franchisees, and a growing nationwide customer satisfaction rating of 95 percent reflects this.”

This year’s single-store Franchise of the Year award went to Ward Griffith and Brad Helms, an owner/operator team of a store in Glen Burnie, MD.  Mid-level franchise winners were Russ Larson, Jeff Lee, Gary Brotherson, Randy Weingard and Doug Stewart who own and operate two stores in Burlington and Davenport, IA.  The multiple-store franchise winner is Rob Palmer, who owns five stores in the Youngstown, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA, areas.  Palmer and his organization have consistently contributed to the overall success of the franchise system.

The President’s Award winners come from across the country.  They include Greenwood and Indianapolis (Shadeland Ave), IN (company-owned); Davenport and Burlington, IA (Larson, Lee, Brotherson, Weingard, Stewart); Florence, KY (owned and operated by Jim and Chris Hadley); Boardman and Warren, OH (Rob Palmer); Cincinnati, Lima, Fairfield, OH (company-owned); Longview, TX (Mark Bedgood, Bill Evans, Fred Nichols); Lynchburg, VA (Tony Terry, Charles Crumpler); Appleton, WI (Russ Darrow, Jr.); and S. Charleston, WV (Bill Rowland). 



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